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It was a busy Saturday in New York before the NBA All-Star Game. We caught up with Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union, Jill Martin and others at the Wade Bowling Classic. The event at Bowlmor Lanes in Times Square benefited “Game Changer,” a new partnership between Wade’s World and the Sandals Foundation.

After Saturday’s festivities at Barclays Center, it was off to the Bric Arts Center in Brooklyn where Spike Lee held his “Spreadin’ Love is Da Brooklyn Way” All-Star Weekend Sneaker Jam.

Beverly Hills Cop and Family Guy FTW! I think the Mann/J.R. Rotem has produced a lot of “should-be” hit records, and I hope this is the one that finally climbs the charts.

To me, there is no reason why Dev shouldn’t be one of the top pop vocalists of now. I’m not saying she’s reinventing the wheel – but she’s got the look and sound. Furthermore, her voice definitely lends itself to the current dance trend we’re hearing on the radio. So check this out, here’s the version I played on the show Wednesday evening…

And as an exclusive WEB BONUS, here’s a remix of the track featuring your boy, Enrique Iglesias. Perhaps this will be the official single? What do you think?


I hope it goes without saying that in no way, shape, or form did I mean to implicate Mr. Mars in this. He obviously does NOT need the autotune.


It wasn’t too long ago that singer J Randall was bumping “Bartender” in his car. Now the 24 year-old is collaborating with the likes of T-Pain and other high profile people, including producer RedOne and YouTube star Keenan Cahill. J checked in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” from South Florida to chat about his single, “Can’t Sleep” and how he and Cahill linked up in Chicago to film a hilarious lipsync video of the song.

After speaking with rapper Flo Rida for a little over ten minutes on “The Ralphie Radio Show” Wednesday, the only certain thing is that most of what the emcee accomplishes is rooted, no pun intended, in uncertainty.

“I’m just a guy who works at the spur of the moment,” explained Flo, real name Tramar Dillard. “I’m very spontaneous when creating, so you never know.”

So I’ll save you the suspense now: if you’re wondering who Flo Rida will be collaborating with on his third LP, well I don’t know, and given that the track listing isn’t set in stone, he wouldn’t let on. He revealed the record is “three or four” songs away from completion.

Flo did link up again with T-Pain for “Zoosk Girl”, which his camp is calling a “teaser single” for the album, which yes, does carry a title: The Only 1. Will this new record contain samples and elements from older songs – with a new twist by the “Low” and “Right Round” rapper? See above.

Download the interview

Speaking of “Right Round”, Flo also doesn’t know if the new LP will feature another collab with Ke$ha, who sang the hook of the first single on R.O.O.T.S. before she became known for brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack. But, the Florida-born artist offers nothing but high praises for the pop star.

“Most definitely (I’m) excited, happy for her,” said Flo. “She’s blessed to have her own situation, so shout out to Ke$ha.”

Flo Rida didn’t rule out another track with her, adding that he wouldn’t mind teaming up again.

It seems that if the emcee plans anything ahead of time, it’s his charity work. Flo founded “Big Dreams For Kids” about a year ago. The rapper returns to the projects in Carol City, Florida to donate time and money through appearances and events – one which would be held this weekend. Flo took a break from planning the function in his office to chat on “The RRS.”

“I was inspired by different people coming to my projects and giving their word on how you could become successful if you sacrifice, put God first, and everything,” he explained. “You know I’m always staying positive, and I’m working.”

He may love bringing that sense of uncertainty to the studio, but clearly Flo Rida’s accomplishments thus far are due to his priorities, which certainly are in order.

Part 1: Story Behind The Song

Part 2: New LP, Working With T-Pain & Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift teams up with T-Pain for the track “Thug Story” that happened to be a big hit at the CMT Music Awards. Here’s some behind the scenes footage of the song coming together.

Here’s the finished product.


Download the mp3

Leave it to Ralphie to call out T-Pain on acting like a diva… of course, enlisting the help of TMZ’s Leslie Harris in the process…

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Ralphie & T-Pain – Syracuse, NY – Dec. 2005 
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