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Jason co-wrote this track with fans online through Coca-Cola and performed it Tuesday night on “American Idol.” It was great to see him back on the stage, as he hadn’t performed since breaking his neck in January.


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David Rush is signed to Pitbull’s Mr. 305, Inc. While the “Give Me Everything” rapper had an all-star type year in 2011, his artist’s past year and a half could be considered even more spectacular.

Rush, who first linked up with the Miami emcee on the 2007 track, “Go Girl,” received a kidney transplant, got married, and welcomed a baby son in to the world all within the span of about a year. Apparently that isn’t enough for Rush, who now returns to the music scene with “She Ain’t You,” an up-tempo single that features Jason Derulo crooning on the chorus.


“I work hard,” Rush stated from his New Jersey home in a Skype interview on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” “But now, it’s like I’m working not just for me, not for my wife, but just our son and it’s another inspiration, another reason to wake up, another reason to get what I want.”

The Jersey-native’s story is an inspiration in its own. Rush dealt with kidney issues for years, and traveled across the country supporting Pitbull on a 40 date tour with a dialysis machine in tow, used every night at every hotel room he stayed at before performing. The artist earned the distinction of the first person to successful tour cross-country with the piece of equipment.

In November of 2010, Rush received a kidney transplant from his brother, who also doubles as the rapper’s road manager. Currently, Rush is healthy, and ready to arrive back in DJ crates with a single that he says “fell on to his lap.”

David Rush f. Jason Derulo – “She Ain’t You”

“Mr. 305, they always want (their artists) to produce hits,” Rush explained. “We had an opportunity to get the record; I sent it back as a reference, not knowing where it was going to go.”

“She Ain’t You” struck Rush as such a big song he literally couldn’t wait to finish it, sending back the first treatment about two hours after it hit his e-mail. He didn’t even realize Derulo was on the hook until after he wrote to the track. Thankfully, Pitbull’s camp and Pit himself also liked the track, and made the necessary calls to secure it for their artist.

And despite his large amount of success and superstar status, Pitbull is just a call… or rather, text message, away from Rush at all times.

“He’s usually a great texter,” Rush said of Pitbull. “Calls is another deal. But text message, I can guarantee a text message or e-mail response within a day. Even if it’s just a, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ or ‘Chico, rooting for you,’ you know what I mean?”

I swung by WBRE’s “PA Live!” for my weekly segment, “The Ralphie Report.” This week, I reported on Jason Derulo’s near-fatal accident that happened while the singer was rehearsing for his world tour. Also covered: Katy Perry’s no-show at the People’s Choice Awards and Michelle Branch throwing her support behind presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jason Derülo, as the singer recovers from a broken neck. The pop star was rehearsing for his upcoming world tour when he mis-executed a flip and landed on his head. Derülo was diagnosed with a “Hang Man’s Break,” as he fractured the same bone that is broken when someone is hung. Many people die or are left paralyzed from the injury.

Less than a month ago, Derülo sat down for an interview with “The Ralphie Radio Show.” During the interview, I asked him about a different injury, sustained in a similar fashion to his current condition.

Doctors expect Derülo to be in a neck brace for six months. His “Future History Tour” has been cancelled.

I stopped by WBRE’s “PA Live!” for my weekly segment, “The Ralphie Report.” This week, I talked about YouTube sensation Karmin, joked with Jason Derulo, and previewed Justin Bieber’s holiday radio special.

Jason Derülo said “The Ralphie Radio Show” that he is never discouraged when an artist doesn’t want him to use a sample or portion of their original song for a track that Derülo is working on. His attitude is relatively laid back on the issue, and a piece of body art on his back may explain his disposition.

“The tattoo is a feather pen, and it goes in to birds,” he described. “The meaning behind it is basically, I write all these songs and after I’m finished writing the song, it just goes out and does its own thing. Whether that bird goes all the way to Japan, or whether that bird just does a little flap and then drops on the floor, it doesn’t matter, because there’s more birds.”


He continued that his outlook on songs is similar to my outlook on women. Not true, but point taken.

“If I go to you and I’m like, ‘Here’s this joint, let me know if you like it, let me know if you’re in love with it,’” Derülo said as an example of how he goes about asking for and receiving artists’ blessings to use their work. “And if you’re not, then that’s totally fine, then I’ll do my own thing.”

Derülo’s debut LP linked him to both the approval and denial of sample usage. His first hit, “Whatcha Say,” used Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek.” His third hit, “Ridin’ Solo,” initially used a sample of The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony,” which itself is borrowed from the Rolling Stones. It wasn’t until after the song leaked on to the Internet that the sample did not clear. Derülo went back to the lab with producer J.R. Rotem, switched out the sample, and released the record. The song cracked the top ten in five countries and sold about five million copies worldwide.

On Derülo’s latest album, Future History, the beat on Robyn’s “Show Me Love” was reworked for the lead single, “Don’t Wanna Go Home.” In the song “Fight For You,” which Derülo recently released a music video for, portions of Toto’s “Africa” are borrowed.

“There’s different markets around the world that move faster than America does,” explained Derülo of why there are already four music videos for songs off his last LP despite only two singles hitting radio here in the States. “Right now, ‘Breathing’ is top five in Australia. In different areas, there are different singles, so it is kind of confusing.”

A representative for Warner Brothers Records said “Breathing” would probably be the next single for radio off of Future History. Derülo will wrap his year with some more radio commitments, before returning home to his family in Miami for the holidays.


Seth MacFarlane threw his annual birthday bash last Saturday, and Entertainment Reporter Jill Wilderman divulged who was there and what went down on “The Ralphie Radio Show.”

Jill also chatted about covering Nick Cannon’s HALO Awards, where she had the chance to speak with Cannon and Jason Derulo.

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I stopped by WBRE’s “PA Live!” for my weekly segment, “The Ralphie Report.” This week, I dished on two big shows coming to Wilkes-Barre’s Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza: Guns N Roses and Lady Antebellum. Plus, I chatted about new albums from Allstar Weekend and Jason Derulo.

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I mean, this was too easy. Congrats to Jason BTW for releasing Future History this week.