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INTERVIEW: Bonnie McKee Heard About Katy Perry/John Mayer Collab ‘Through The Grapevine’

Singer/songwriter Bonnie McKee has more in common with Katy Perry than you might think. McKee is credited as a co-writer on some of Perry’s biggest tracks, from “California Gurls” to “Teenage Dream.” But in addition to sharing tracks, both have experienced the rollercoaster of a record label letting them go from a contract. “I’ve known… Read more »

UPDATE: Mayer/Perry Song Makes ‘Paradise Valley’ Track Listing

It is official: Katy Perry and John Mayer have penned a song together, and that track will appear on Mayer’s album Paradise Valley. The only question left unanswered for sure is: Will Perry’s vocals be featured on the single as well? My initial sources confirmed a version of the song with the “Teenage Dream” singer… Read more »

LIFE AND STYLE WEEKLY’S JORDI LIPPE: JLO and Beau On The Rocks, John Legend’s Wedding, Mayer and Perry Out in NYC

Life & Style Weekly reports that Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend Kasper might be breaking up soon. Senior News Editor Jordi Lippe also chatted about John Legend’s destination wedding and John Mayer and Katy Perry getting back together on “The Ralphie Show.”

EXCLUSIVE: John Mayer and Katy Perry Record Duet for ‘Paradise Valley’

John Mayer and Katy Perry are making music together in more than one way. According to a source speaking with “The Ralphie Show” on the condition of anonymity, the duo recorded a track that is likely to appear on Mayer’s next album. Paradise Valley will be released on August 13. The lead single, “Paper Doll,”… Read more »