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Continuing The Conversation On Equality

The conversation has been ongoing. Third Eye Blind’s Steven Jenkins talked about it in his 1998 hit, “Jumper.” The inspiration for the song was a friend of Jenkins’ who committed suicide by jumping off of a bridge. He was gay and a victim of bullying. “The song is kind of a noir, because it’s really… Read more »

HEY, REALLY EXCITED: Ep 04: Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins Performs

Episode four of the podcast features an in-depth chat with Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind – covering the band’s next and final LP as well as 3EB’s upcoming tour with Dashboard Confessional. Plus, find out what Jenkins and Lady Gaga have in common, and listen as Jenkins performs the band’s new single acoustically for… Read more »

INTERVIEW: 4 Things That Third Eye Blind And Lady Gaga Have In Common

In so many ways, Third Eye Blind and Lady Gaga are a lot more similar than it might seem. For starters, both care deeply about their respective fan base’s experience at a live concert. Hearing 3EB front man Stephan Jenkins talk about the band’s live set conjured up thoughts of Gaga looking out for her… Read more »