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Justin Timberlake made his fans wait almost seven years between the release of his third and fourth albums. In 2013, he dropped part one and two of “The 20/20 Experience” before embarking on both a solo world tour and a co-headlining stadium jaunt throughout North America with Jay Z.

He also became a father, as his wife Jessica Biel gave birth to son Silas last April.

So after a two-part album, a massive tour and a child, it was reasonable to expect that we wouldn’t be hearing from Timberlake any time soon, especially given his previous hiatus.

But who says the music industry has to be reasonable?

Timberlake returned to the radio airwaves last Friday with the release of “Can’t Stop This Feeling!” – an up-tempo, feel-good jam that has “song of the summer” written all over it. The song was literally written by JT along with super-producers Max Martin and Shellback. It serves as the first single from the upcoming soundtrack to the movie, “Trolls.” Timberlake is a voice in the animated film and also takes on the roll of the movie soundtrack’s executive producer. Other stars lending their voice to the film (along with their face to the song’s music video) include Anna Kendrick, Gwen Stefani, James Corden and the duo Icona Pop.

As for Timberlake’s fifth studio album, the pop star has confirmed that it is in the works. An industry source said to possibly look for something in the release-heavy fourth quarter of this year. It seems that this time around, the LP is far from a covert-operation: JT has posted photos on his Instagram depicting him in the studio with both Timbaland and Pharrell, two producers he has history with. Timberlake has also been seen on Instagram with members of Little Big Town and on stage at the CMA Awards with breakout star Chris Stapleton.

“Uh, well… take your hard drive with you,” was Justin’s response on my radio show in September of 2013 when I asked him how he prevented “The 20/20 Experience” from leaking. “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” found its way on to music blogs less than an hour before the originally scheduled iTunes release.

“That’s a good question,” he continued before joking, “I don’t know how. I mean, we just threaten people!”

Timberlake’s name and reputation alone command respect, and that was none-the-more evident in the reverence that radio stations exhibited when promoting and then playing the song. “Can’t Stop” debuted on mainstream pop radio at an astounding 24. At adult pop radio, the song starts off at 19, a personal-high for Timberlake.

If early numbers are any indication, the song will serve as both a solid lead-in for the film, due in theatres November 4, and Timberlake’s TBA LP.



An unlikely trio produces a dope track for Demi’s forthcoming album Unbroken, due out next week.

MTV News Reporter Shaheem Reid on “The Ralphie Radio Show” about Timbaland

MTV News reporter Shaheem Reid called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” from 1515 Broadway in New York to chat about reports that Timbaland was a suicide threat earlier in the week, after a $2 million watch was allegedly stolen from the super-producer.

Read Shaheem’s article here.

Since the success of his debut single, “Let It Rock” – Kevin Rudolf’s fame and fortune have risen to new heights. In addition to preparing his sophomore LP, Rudolf now finds himself in demand as a songwriter/producer – working with some of the biggest names in the business. But the Cash Money artist is grounded – and very cognizant of his success due not just to his talent, but the popularity of his hit song.

“Once you have one big hit, you can walk through a wall that you could not get through before,” explained Rudolf, who called “The Ralphie Radio Show” from his Los Angeles home. “And don’t think I haven’t used it, because it’s like, if I want to get in the room with somebody and work on their project, on their record, I go after it too.”

Rudolf helped out on Cobra Starship’s “Good Girls Go Bad” and tells me that he’s currently working with Natasha Bedingfield and Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo. The singer/songwriter started his career as a studio guitarist for producer Timbaland, working on all of his tracks – whether it be for Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, or The Black Eyed Peas.

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“He’s a pioneer – which is the greatest compliment you can give,” remarked Rudolf on Timbaland. The two haven’t collaborated with each other since Rudolf worked for him in studio – although they’ll occasionally run in to each other at shows/functions and exchange greetings. “He’s got the entire package – he’s such a talented guy.”

Rudolf finds himself surrounded by more talent now that he is a part of Cash Money Records. The stable, which also calls Lil Wayne and Jay Sean their own, has seen its share of success over the years. Now, as the label’s top money maker heads to prison, Rudolf reveals that Wayne is rapping, recording, and shooting videos right up until March 2 – when he’ll be sentenced to a year behind bars in conjunction with a plea deal over a weapons possession charge that stems from 2007. Rudolf says a single from Tha Carter IV could be released to radio during or shortly after Weezy’s prison term – which could be shortened to eight months on good behavior.

Before then – Wayne dropped Rebirth – an album Rudolf contributed to and calls “really dope.” The “Lollipop” rapper also dropped a verse for the first single from Rudolf’s new LP – “I Made It.”

“Birdman, he said to me, ‘Yunno, why don’t you make a record that everyone on Cash Money can get on,’” Rudolf said. “I just kinda whipped up this beat in like 20 minutes and threw the hook on it and sent it out to everyone. When it came back to me, I was like, ‘This thing is crazy!’”

The final version features Weezy, Birdman, and Jay Sean. The video is out now. Rudolf confirmed on “The RRS” that he is shooting for a May release on the album, but has yet to think of a title.

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Chris Daughtry calls up The Ralphie Radio Show to chat about his new single/CD, a possible tour, and this season of American Idol – and he isn’t pleased with the favortism shown to Idol finalist Adam Lambert.

Read Ralphie’s exclusive report on Chris’s Idol criticism here.
Leave This Town drops July 14.

You might be able to count Chris Daughtry among those surprised that Kris Allen won American Idol last week. In a pre-taped interview on “The Ralphie Radio Show”, Daughtry seemed baffled at the amount of media attention and bias directed toward Idol contestant Adam Lambert.

“I thought it was pretty incredible that all of the sudden, Adam is on the cover of a magazine. That people are wearing his name… it seems a little weird to me, because I know how strict it was when I was on the show,” said Daughtry. He publicly supported Allen, although refrained from using the Idol performance stage as a venue to voice his opinion. “(Favortism) was definitely frowned upon, and now, I don’t know.”

A question regarding Katy Perry’s outright support of Lambert, with Adam’s name embroidered on her cape, elicited the comment. TMZ reported Idol producers edited out this detail when the performance posted to iTunes and the Internet.

The American Idol Season 5 alum concurred with my assessment that the media already anointed Lambert this year’s winner, albeit prematurely. Although I admitted to Chris that my coverage of “Idol” is limited, I feel as if the media covered Lambert as if it assumed he already won.

“It’s kind of like Adam has already been crowned the winner, and everybody’s just kind of going along with that,” I commented to Chris.

“That’s exactly the way it feels to me too,” Daughtry responded. “But yunno, it is what it is, and good luck to both of them.”

The North Carolina rocker’s band just released a song to radio, “No Surprise”, with a new LP, “Leave This Town”, out on July 14.

Daughtry, who performed the new track on Idol, noted that all the finalists seemed like great people, but he could relate to Allen on a number of different levels.

“I guess he reminds me a little bit of myself where, he’s on the show – this is all new to him – he’s married… When I hear his voice, I kind of see where that goes, on the radio.”

Allen didn’t ask Daughtry for any advice, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t receive any.

“I basically told him what to be prepared for, for the next two years of his life. Be strong, and stay with your wife.”

Words of wisdom from an Idol contestant who didn’t have the luxury of on stage endorsements or an Idol crown – yet went on to drop a debut LP that sold over six million copies. Daughtry assures fans that the band didn’t deviate from its trademark sound, but did test some new sounds on the one CD – likening one track to something that would draw out glow sticks if Timbaland got a hold of it.

“We tried to branch out a little bit on this record and experiment on some different things, without totally going far left field.”

Daughtry’s band is in the planning stages of a tour that would kick off this fall, in support of the new album.

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Did you know Timbaland got hitched last weekend? TMZ did – and Leslie Harris called in to The Ralphie Radio Show with the scoop.

Catch Leslie on TMZ TV – Weekdays at 5 on Channel 38 – The CW.

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Did you know Timbaland got hitched last weekend? TMZ did – and Leslie Harris called in to The Ralphie Radio Show with the scoop.

Catch Leslie on TMZ TV – Weekdays at 5 on Channel 38 – The CW.

that’s right, ’cause i just don’t care. i’m spinning the new madonna/justin/timbaland track – “4 minutes” – tonight on my show.

listen for it in between 7p & 9p. and check tomorrow’s ralphie report in the weekender for my 2 cents on the track. holler.
that’s right, ’cause i just don’t care. i’m spinning the new madonna/justin/timbaland track – “4 minutes” – tonight on my show.

listen for it in between 7p & 9p. and check tomorrow’s ralphie report in the weekender for my 2 cents on the track. holler.

not too long ago, a slew of celebrities were named in a ongoing investigation into the distribution of steroids throughout the country. 50 cent, wyclef, timbaland, and mary j. blige were all mentioned in the latest report.

last night, timbaland did nothing to help bolster his image. the producer hosted a grammy party for people magazine, but the night ended with a thud resonating stronger than any of timbaland’s beats. the virginia-native lashed out in a profanity-laced rant due to security at the club not letting in some of his friends.

read the entire article here, which also includes notable celebrities who were in attendance, including a barefoot and underage miley cirus dancing in front of the stage.

too late to apologize?