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This past weekend, Universal Republic recording artist Jessie J made her U.S. TV debut on “Saturday Night Live” – performing “Price Tag” with B.o.B. For some reason, NBC hasn’t posted the video on it’s website, so check it out below.

Of course, you heard Jessie J first on radio in the states when she called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show”…

You’ve got to hand it to Linkin Park – the rap-rock group has been at it since 1996 and the guys are still finding ways to innovate their craft. The latest example came this past weekend, when LP performed for its second time on “Saturday Night Live” and accomplished a feat so unique – Lorne Michaels himself had to sign off on it.

First, the band performed the hit single, “Waiting for the End” off of A Thousand Suns. The lighting scheme combined lasers with LED panels to mimic some of the effects that can be seen in the music video for the song. For Linkin Park’s second go-around, the group played “When They Come for Me” – another track from ATS. LP decided that it would look best if the camera shot it in black and white as opposed to full color.

“It was kind of a nail biter, at the last minute because Lorne Michaels, who runs the show, had to approve that,” revealed emcee Mike Shinoda, who called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” while on tour with LP. “(Michaels) looked at the test in color and then looked at it in black and white and he said, ‘Yeah, yeah for these guys we can let them do black and white.’”

As if the approval from SNL’s creator wasn’t enough, Michaels also put a little bow on the present he gifted Linkin Park.


Shinoda also chatted about the different tech schemes currently implemented on LP’s world tour, and the implementation of new technology to the band’s marketing campaigns.

“(Michaels) also said, ‘Yunno it’s funny, now other bands are going to ask me to do black and white, and I’m going to have to tell them no because it’s Linkin Park’s thing,’” a happy Shinoda recalled. “I didn’t realize that no musical guests have ever done black and white before.”

Shinoda certainly is aware of the magnitude of the “accomplishment” – calling the decision “amazing” while citing the legendary status of the show. It’s appropriate that a band like Linkin Park be honored with such a distinction – the California-based band challenged itself just as much with the new visuals for the current world tour as with the idea of creating a new sound for the album. Shinoda says LP’s visual team created software and mechanisms that respond to band’s nightly changing set list – so that like the music, no one concert’s visual pattern will be like another’s.

“If the record is a challenging record, then we want the visuals to be challenging,” Shinoda said. “We spent more time than we would have five years ago on something like this.”

Part of the reasoning for the increased attention to the live show could be attributed to music’s changing business model: generating income from live shows, marketing deals, and singles as opposed to selling records. But Shinoda cautions that LP has and always will have its priorities straight.

“Everything is inter-related. You could put all your focus in the world on your touring, but if you good albums or good music to lay the foundation, then that’s not going to fly.”

Take it from the band that’s sold over 50 million albums worldwide – and has gone either gold or platinum in 12 different countries with its latest release.

I’ll stand by what I said on-air: “TiK ToK” is not conducive to a live performance with all of the autotune and vocal effects. That being said, in my opinion, Ke$ha still did a great job on “Saturday Night Live” and deserves props for adding parts in the beginning and bridge so that she could showcase her vocal skills. I really feel the people lashing out against her didn’t like the song in the first place.

She was introduced to Justin Bieber initially by “Kidd Kraddick In The Morning” on 97 BHT. Little did 14 year-old Alex Buchinski know that she would later be introduced to Justin, literally, by his manager Scooter Braun.

This isn’t your average meet-and-greet tale.

Buchinski is a 97 BHT listener and Archbald, Pa. resident. Like many of her peers, she loves “The Bieber.” Matter of fact, she wasn’t satisfied by just professing her admiration by missing two days of school to see Justin perform inside The Mall at Steamtown. Nor did winning passes to check out Bieber on “Good Morning America” satisfy her, um, sorry – Bieber Fever.

Nope, instead Alex wanted to see her favorite artist on “Saturday Night Live.” Step one: take to Twitter.

“I was just sending (links, comments) out there, like I didn’t send it to ‘Saturday Night Live’ or NBC or anyone like that,” explained Buchinski on “The Ralphie Radio Show” – a radio show that Bieber has been interviewed on twice. “I was just sending it out there, trying to get more followers to support the idea, and it worked.”

In no time, Buchinski found herself in the center of a viral marketing campaign to land Bieber on “SNL.” Alex’s account, “BieberOnSNL”, has close to 10,000 followers. Bieber himself has “at replied” – or mentioned Alex’s name in a Twitter update, on three different occasions. Yet, Buchinski still has no idea how Bieber or his team figured out that she was one of the forces behind it.

Download the interview

“He ‘tweeted’ me back, like 6, 7 weeks ago, saying that he was going to be on ‘Saturday Night Live’ April 10,” she said. “I don’t know how he found out that I helped him.”

But Justin did, and offered Alex four VIP tickets to check out his performance the following afternoon. Bieber taped an edition of “Walmart Soundcheck” at the Highland Ballroom in New York City. The teenager made the trip to the concrete jungle with her parents and younger sister. Her father, Chris, didn’t know what to expect when he arrived. But upon stepping foot in the front door of the venue, the dad was immediately taken aback.

“We went out there, and I thought it was gonna be just a run-of-the-mill kind of thing,” Mr. Buchinski admitted. “But I went to the door and I said ‘I’m looking for Scooter.’ He was right there, and he took me right in.”

Bieber’s manager immediately handed over wristbands for VIP access for the family of four. Then, Braun took them all backstage, to meet Justin and the band in their dressing room.

“It was phenomenal,” Alex’s dad said. “(Braun) was really, unbelievable. He even gave me his e-mail address to keep in touch; I mean he was a fabulous guy.”

But the VIP experience didn’t end there. During the taping, Bieber performed “One Less Lonely Girl.” Let’s just say, the only girl that did not feel lonely in the crowd was Alex, who spent the duration of the song literally just a few feet away from the pint-sized pop star.

“He sang ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ to me on stage, in front of like, hundreds of screaming girls,” recalled Buchinski. “It was just amazing.”

“Walmart Soundcheck” featuring Justin Bieber will premiere on May 15 online and throughout Walmart stores across the country.

14 year-old Alex Buchinski created a Twitter account called “BieberOnSNL.” The Archbald, Pa. native helped teen star Justin Bieber land on “Saturday Night Live.” Bieber repaid Alex by giving her four tickets to his private performance the next day for Walmart Soundcheck. She shared her story on “The RRS.” The full interview will air Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Scranton once again came to the national forefront on Saturday night during a skit on NBC’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. While playing the role of Senator Joe Biden during a Vice Presidential Debate Skit, actor JASON SUDEIKIS called Scranton “a genetic cest pool” and “the absolute worst place on Earth.” The 40 second rant ended with “Wilmington, DE is not that much better.” (About 5 minutes in)

So which city is worse – Scranton or Wilmington? Leave it to 97 BHT’s RALPHIE AVERSA and WSTW NIGHT SLAMMER RICKY THOMAS to find the answer, searching out people in The Mall at Steamtown food court and lighting up the phone lines in the process…

the following can be read this wednesday in the weekender.

Hold the opinions that you will, but you cannot deny that Kanye West knows how to get people chatting. Two weekends ago, the rapper/producer rescinded on his 2007 award-losing rant that he’d “never go back to MTV.” ‘Ye turned in a spectacle of a performance at this year’s Video Music Awards with a new song, “Love Lockdown.” The track features a “vocoded” West (ala T-Pain) – all singing, and no rapping.

“I’m not loving you, way I wanted to, see I had to go, see I had to move,” Kanye croons, seemingly about his ex-fiancé Alexis Phifer, who he parted ways with before heading out on last spring’s Glow In The Dark Tour. A few online media outlets reported last week that the two may have reconciled.

West will release a new CD before the end of the year – a rumored November release called, “808’s and Heartbreaks.” The emcee flew to Honolulu a few days after the VMA’s – as later said in a blog post, to work on the album.

But before boarding the plane, Kanye and his manager/road manager Don Crowley managed to snag a little more publicity. Angered by the aggressiveness of a paparazzo, the two men grabbed and damaged a camera worth thousands, en route to checking in. West’s manager then noticed that another photographer filmed the entire incident. Crowley immediately attacked that photographer as well, throwing his lens and microphone to the ground, breaking the camera in the tussle. 

To the misfortune of the rapper, the videographer was Erik – who films for TMZ. The footage survived the havoc, and instantaneously appeared on the celebrity news’ website, as well as television affiliates across the country.

Meanwhile, West and manager were booked at Los Angeles International Airport for vandalism, and released on $20,000 bail. ‘Ye, in typical fashion, took to his blog after arriving via private jet in Hawaii, saying that he’s cool with the paparazzi, and back “in the shop,” working on the aforementioned forthcoming LP.

Although two cameras worth thousands were destroyed, no members of the media were harmed as a result of the story.


Havertown’s Brendan Hansen should be counting his lucky stars, perhaps even playing the lottery at this hour. Earlier in the week – after his relay-mate Michael Phelps hosted Saturday Night Live – Hansen flew from Austin to Philadelphia, where he would make the media rounds and receive the Liberty Bell Award. The plane stopped in Nashville, and that’s when the gold medalist realized he couldn’t find his medal.

Hansen told officials he slept for two hours on the flight, and believed the prized possession scurried away during his nap.

Forget the terror threat rising to “Yellow” – the FBI felt the need to investigate. Thankfully for Hansen, as well as our country’s security resources, the gold turned up. A passenger who left the plane in Nashville found the missing medal and reported it to authorities.

Hansen won the medal in the 400-meter men’s relay of the Beijing Olympics. No word on if the International Olympic Committee will revoke it due to “incompetence.”

what timing? right after this blind item, ellen page offers up the blogosphere a softball during a SNL skit… enjoy.

what timing? right after this blind item, ellen page offers up the blogosphere a softball during a SNL skit… enjoy.