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There was a time, not too awfully long ago, when Jesse Marco would lug crates of his music across the snowy campus of Syracuse University to DJ… well, anywhere. Bar gigs, sorority formals, college radio stations – the setting, location, and clientele didn’t matter to Marco – so long as he was able to do what he loved: mixing music.

“I love the act of dee-jaying so much,” Marco professed during a phone interview Wednesday on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” “At the end of the day, none of that stuff matters to me.”


The “stuff” Marco refers to is the celebrity that he has found and that has found him over the past few years, as his career has astronomically taken off. The native-New Yorker transferred out of Syracuse and in to the New York music scene. There, he linked up with the likes of the late DJ AM and Mark Ronson. Now, Marco regularly spins at the hottest night clubs in the world, and is hired by or performs for almost any A-list celebrity you can think of at the moment. And while it ultimately may not matter, it certainly doesn’t hurt that Marco is now one of the top club DJ’s in the game. After all, if he wasn’t at that club out west almost two years ago, he may not have landed his first blockbuster film.

“I was playing a show in LA, and one of the producers from ‘The Hangover’ was there,” Marco recalled. “He came up to me and was like, ‘Hey, we got this part in this movie and you’d be perfect for it.’ And I was like, ‘What? Okay, sure.’”

A month later, Marco was on the set of “Project X,” having the time of his life as he played a DJ to one of the biggest fictional parties ever thrown. Released earlier this month, the movie is one of the biggest and most talked about productions of 2012.

“I’m happy to bridge the gap a little bit now, and sort of move in to the more musical aspect of the business of dee-jaying,” Marco said. “At the end of the day, it’s awesome playing for certain people, and I want people to hear my music.”

Like many other DJ’s you currently hear on the radio, Marco is making the transition by exiting the clubs and entering the studio. Last month he released “Daddy Cool,” his first single on Big Beat/Atlantic Records.

“The [Electronic Dance Music] thing is really big right now, and it’s not slowing down,” Marco stated. “I can’t deny that it’s helping the DJ scene.”

But while “Daddy Cool” may be a foot-moving, fist-pumping friendly record, don’t write it off as just another dance track. Marco, who regularly fuses a plethora of genres in his live set, reworked the 1976 Boney M. disco hit of the same title.

“I was like, ‘Why is nobody sampling ‘Daddy Cool?’’” Marco asked himself after hearing a couple other DJ’s sample the disco band. “That is the quintessential, at least for me, Boney M. track.”

On “Daddy Cool”:

So, Marco took the original in to the studio and left with his own modern-day take on the record. He believes the new version is versatile, and mass appeal is not something the DJ is shying from.

“I feel like some people are on like some, ‘Oh don’t sell out. Screw the commercial stuff,’” Marco admits. “Like, I want people to hear my records.”

And if Marco’s career continues its rapid trajectory, they’ll be hearing his music, regardless of if they’re at a college campus or a club, sooner rather than later.

Download the mp3

Actor/Comedian T.J. McCormack is a recovering alcoholic who had many mutual friends in rehab with Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein. He reacts to MTV’s last interview with DJ AM. In the clip, which is provided in the interview, the celebrity disc jockey talks about buying a crack pipe for a scene in a show he taped for the network.

Watch the interview below:

I’ll be snapping most stills on the road with my BlackBerry now and uploading to this gallery on Facebook.

Why haven’t you added me? BTW, that’s a very grainy picture of a one DJ AM spinnin’ at LAX last Wednesday.

Flavor Flav celebrated his 50th birthday last week. No, that is not a typo.

The “Flavor Of Love” star kicked off the celebration on the East Coast – with a star-studded bash at BB King’s in New York City. The party brought a pleasant surprise to ongoers, as Ice-T and Chuck D joined Flav on stage to perform a number of hits from Public Enemy’s catalog.

Last Friday, Flav flew the festivities to Las Vegas, with a party inside Jet Nightclub at The Mirage. The highlight? The rapper held his trademark, “Yeah Boyee!” catchphrase for an uncanny 35 seconds.


So I spent part of last week in Las Vegas, betting on March Madness (How ‘bout Syracuse?!), partaking in bottle/limo service, and enjoying the amenities of The Strip (as in the stretch of attractions, not a prefix for a club).

You would’ve thought that these activities, especially with Spring Break, would’ve yielded a many stories for this column, between celebrity sightings and encounters.

Well, you would’ve thought incorrectly. I saw DJ AM spin at LAX inside Luxor, and didn’t bother with Flav’s aforementioned party on Friday night. All in all, I did not meet, let alone knowingly encounter any type of celebrity.

And as far as stories? I accumulated quite a few for a 72 hour period, however what happens in Vegas…


Big thanks to everyone who joined 97 BHT for the return of Funhouse Friday’s inside The Woodlands. While I was actin’-a-foo inside Prive at Planet Hollywood, A.J. In The Afternoon was throwing a big bash inside Evolution at The Woodlands. I can only imagine what Week 2 will be like inside The Woods, with Shontelle, Adam Barta, and DJ Woogie slated to perform on Friday.

There was also a group of celebrities in the house last week. However the band Hinder was “less than friendly” according to one patron. Another person at the event noted that the band would only sign five CDs for 97 BHT to give to listeners (Most artists usually will agree to how many CDs asked of them).
But then again, I suppose it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise – we are talking about a “rock” group from Oklahoma that is notorious for playing by their own rules, whether that be shots of “Jager” prior to radio interviews or all-night benders on the tour bus before concerts.

It’s really quite a shame though. I remember hearing so many stories about an easy going Hinder – drinking at Tinks with fans, sleeping in their caravan outside of studios just to snag radio time and the attention of Program Directors.

I suppose it’s just an example of the affect that groupies, alcohol, cross-country tours, and a couple of Billboard “rock” hits can have on one’s ego.

BTW, if you weren’t one of the 5 to snag one of those highly-coveted autographed CDs, you might have a chance this summer, as the pompous partiers return to NEPA on July 14 to open for fellow “rockers” Nickelback at Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain.

Donnie Klang insists he won’t be chartering a private jet, ever.

Klang, from MTV’s “Making The Band 4”, along with Day 26’s Q and Willie, called in to The Ralphie Radio Show on Monday. Klang and company spoke on a plethora of topics – from Donnie’s new track Dr. Love to the tragic plane crash involving Travis Barker and Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein.

The former Blink 182 drummer and celebrity mixer escaped the private jet accident with a number of third and fourth degree burns. Some weren’t as lucky: four people died in the crash.

Both artists are out of the hospital and expected to make full recoveries.

All three “MTB” stars went out of their way to send well wishes to Barker and DJ AM. Klang just met the duo in September at the MTV Video Music Awards.

“No matter how big, how rich (I get), I’m staying on Jet Blue,” the solo artist said.

Of course, the three enjoy Jet Blue for its leg space, comfy leather seats, and free DirecTV – that includes MTV in the channel lineup. Klang remembers being recognized on a flight to Florida – filled with older people – after it landed.

“They all happened to have MTV on,” the Long Island native recalled. “By the time we got off the plane they put two and two together and I got swarmed by old people.”

For Klang and Day 26, similar stories could be on the way – as Diddy and MTV keep the artists busy with album promotion, tour dates, and the latest season of “Making The Band.”


C’mon, everyone sing-a-long now… Backstreet’s Back, Alright!

The Wachovia Arena added a little diversity to its concert lineup with the announcement that The Backstreet Boys will invade Wilkes-Barre on November 1. Tickets go on sale this Friday.

AC/DC and Elton John also play the Arena before year’s end.

Details other than the date, on sale date, and ticket prices ($49.50, 39.50) are sparse. Pollstar only lists 14 dates for the boy band – with what seems to be a mini-North American tour that kicks off on October 30 in Reading.

Usually groups travel to support new music or projects – but Howie, Brian, Nick, and A.J. haven’t released any music since 2007’s Unbreakable. The LP holds the distinction of the only BSB album not to reach platinum status, selling just over 800,000 copies.

As of press time, no opening act was announced.