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Bebe Rexha is ahead of the curve when it comes to pop music; it’s one of the reasons why she is one of the most in-demand songwriters and artists ranging from Louis Tomlinson to David Guetta to G-Eazy are enlisting her vocals for the hooks of their songs. Her latest single, the Florida Georgia Line-assisted “Meant To Be,” is yet another example of both her range and her tenacity to break ground.

“I’m going to change it and do this new thing called, ‘Expectations,’ the Brooklyn-born artist responded after I asked if there would be an “All Your Fault Part 3” recently. The first two installments were EPs that yielded the singles “I Got You,” “The Way I Are,” and the aforementioned “Meant To Be.”

“It’s a new sound,” Rexha continued. “It’s a more No Doubt-sound. I just feel like ‘Meant To Be’ has kind of been an interesting thing for me and I want to pivot a little bit.

“I think everybody is kind of going in to this rhythmic/urban lane, and I want to just be different and do more guitar-based stuff.”

When Rexha initially announced the new project via Twitter, she also revealed the existence of “Home,” a song she is featured on with Machine Gun Kelly and X-Ambassadors. A collaboration with the former certainly makes sense given the band’s recent history – recording seamlessly with both labelmates Imagine Dragons and Eminem.

“Home” ended up as a part of the star-studded “Bright” soundtrack; no word on if it it’ll also make “Expectations,” a piece of work that Rexha simply said would be out at some point in 2018.

This is a single from 50 Cent’s forthcoming fifth studio album. It’s decent – Levine really makes this song in my opinion. You put that beat and hook with two other emcees and I think you might end up with a better track.

A belated congratulations to Taylor Swift. The singer tops this week’s Billboard 200 chart with her album Red. The LP sold a staggering 1.2 million copies in just a week. The last artist to sell that many in a week was Eminem, who sold 1.3 million with The Eminem Show.

What is impressive about Swift is that unlike Lady GaGa, she didn’t need to deeply discount the product to move units. Also, unlike Lil Wayne, never did Swift have to release free material or push back release dates to generate interest. The singer simply has a dedicated fan base and executed an excellent marketing plan – strategic partnerships with ABC and Target were key – to sell a ridiculous amount of albums in a short period of time.

It wouldn’t be correct to compare this first guy to Ted Williams, the voice-over talent who rose to YouTube stardom and national prominence earlier this year. First, he is talented not for a God-give gift but for the three, yes, three degrees he’s earned. Second, he doesn’t have an addiction problem. Check out his story below.

Next, shout out to our brave men and women in the Armed Forces, specifically the Air Force, regardless of if they can cover Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” or not.

Speaking of covers, where’s KanYe West when you need him? JUST KIDDING TAYLOR SWIFT – who BTW, SMILES as she sings her rendition of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” I’d expect nothing less.

Sleeper hit of the summer? Maybe. Off Em and Royce’s dual album, Hell: The Sequel. The two collaborate under the name “Bad Meets Evil.” The EP debuted atop the charts when it was released earlier this month. Both rappers are friends from Detroit.

The most talked about highlight from last night’s MTV Movie Awards, but CLEARLY staged. Notice how the camera cuts to Eminem well before Bruno falls on him?

P.S. Really excited to see the movie “Bruno” which debuts July 10.

No one is spared – I love it. Relapse drops May 19.

01.14.09 : Beyonce f. Lil Wayne – Diva (Mick Boogie Remix)
01.13.09 : Eminem f. Dr. Dre, 50 Cent – Crack A Bottle
01.08.09 : Common f. Pharrell – Universal Mind Control

this just in – EVERYONE gets a book deal.

this just in – EVERYONE gets a book deal.