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VIDEO: Flo Rida’s Fan Phone

Flo Rida made international headlines last year when he gave out his cell phone number to fans across the world. To this day, Flo still has the number activated, and occasionally tweets it out to his followers. Before performing for over 1,000 people inside The Woodlands Inn and Resort, Ralphie wanted to call the phone… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber, Your Typical 15 Year Old… Almost

From the outset, Justin Bieber seems like your typical 15 year-old. He doodles on his own photos, cracks jokes with band mates, and will at times refuse to listen to anyone older than him. Getting ready to walk on stage at The Mall at Steamtown, he hops on his record label rep’s back, only to… Read more »

making your old iphone "new"

apple will unveil new software on friday for old iphones that essentially gives the devices all the capabilities of the new iphone, minus the here for more.