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The band Train takes its “Mermaids of Alcatraz” tour to Dallas this weekend. Pat Monahan was looking forward to hanging out with two old friends: Columbia Records EVP Lee Leipsner and radio host Kidd Kraddick.

But the beloved host of “Kidd Kraddick In The Morning” died over the weekend at the age of 53. Monahan, along with his band mates Scott Underwood and Jimmy Stafford, were saddened by the news.

“Kidd has been a big supporter of Train for our whole career,” Monahan noted in an interview which aired Monday evening on “The Ralphie Show.” “He’s been in this business a lot longer than we have.”

The timing of Kraddick’s passing hurt Monahan even more.

“Any loss is sad, but to know you were moments away from seeing an old friend, and now you can’t,” the lead singer said. “Our hearts go out to his family.”

Leipsner told All Access that the band will pay tribute to Kraddick on Saturday at the Gexa Energy Pavilion. Train is currently playing outdoor venues with The Script and Gavin DeGraw in tow. Also sharing the stage with the San Francisco-based artists is country singer/songwriter Ashley Monroe. The songstress is featured on the next single from California 37, “Bruises.”

“We asked (Ashley) two years ago to sing ‘Bruises’ with us,” Monahan revealed. “We didn’t know if (95.5 PLJ) and stations like that around the United States would embrace a country artist.”

So far, so good. The “Hey, Soul Sister,” singer is pleasantly surprised.

“It’s our favorite song on the record,” he said. “The fact that people are responding to it the way that they are… it’s a great ending to this album cycle.”

With that, Monahan also breaks the news that this fourth single from the LP will likely be the last. Train’s proper tour ends in mid-August. The band will play a handful of fairs and festivals through September 1, and then gear up for the “Sail Across The Sun Cruise” next February.

Tim Halperin was a week away from making history on “American Idol” not just once, but twice. He became the first contestant in the show’s history to perform an original track, “The Last Song,” and make the Top 24. The following week, Halperin lost. Had he been voted on, the Omaha native would’ve been the first competitor to perform a Tom Petty song on “Idol.”

“(Petty’s) traditionally not let (‘Idol’) do any of his songs,” explained Halperin, who called in from Dallas to promote his new album, Rise & Fall. “But Jimmy Iovine, who’s president of Interscope Records, he called Tom Petty’s manager up.”


The record mogul played an instrumental role in Petty’s career, so for Iovine, it was almost as simple as calling in a favor to a long time friend.

Certainly there would have been a bit of pressure on Halperin had he been the first to perform a Petty cut on the show. But despite his elimination, the singer/songwriter continued to pursue his dream of performing music. That certainly brought along more pressure, with this chapter culminating in the release of Rise & Fall.

“’American Idol’ was absolutely great, I wouldn’t have traded that time on that show for anything,” Halperin said. “But the tough part comes after the show, because basically what you are is a reality TV star.”

Halperin’s honest perspective forced him to find creative way within the legalities of his “Idol” contract to keep his momentum going until he was allowed to release an album for sale. That led him to “Kidd Kraddick in the Morning,” one of the nation’s largest morning radio shows. Halperin performed originals and took part in a reoccurring segment called, “Idol Got it Wrong.” Each week, Kraddick would play a performance from the show and then Halperin’s performance of that same song in studio. Listeners would vote on who sang better.

The listeners chose Halperin’s renditions every week, thus saying in essence that the show did get it wrong with his early elimination. But the numbers don’t lie either: Halperin’s debut LP topped the iTunes Singers and Songwriters chart this week.

THIS is what the holiday season is all about – shout out to Adam from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning and A.J. in the Afternoon for the excellent execution…

From the outset, Justin Bieber seems like your typical 15 year-old. He doodles on his own photos, cracks jokes with band mates, and will at times refuse to listen to anyone older than him. Getting ready to walk on stage at The Mall at Steamtown, he hops on his record label rep’s back, only to crash his head in to a door sill. Leaving the mall, in an attempt to retrieve his fallen hat, his ankle is stepped on by a fan, but of course, he tries not to let on to his staff, which laughs at him as he hobbles around, that its bothering him.

But a quick look at what the Canadian-born heart throb accomplished this past year, and “typical” will quickly become the furthest adjective from your mind.

Bieber performed last Thursday exclusively for 97 BHT listeners inside The Mall at Steamtown. Usher signed the teenage crooner to a deal after watching some of his YouTube videos – the most famous being Bieber’s cover of Chris Brown’s “With You”. But Usher wasn’t the only A-lister trying to court the 15 year-old.

“Well, what happened was, it was in Las Vegas. And it was Justin Timberlake in the red corner, it was Usher in the blue corner, and I’m pretty sure it was a technical knockout,” joked Bieber before he performed for almost 1,200 people inside the mall. I asked if Usher offered that much more than Timberlake, to which Bieber replied, “No, uhm… it was a technical knockout.”

Now with the upcoming release of his debut LP, My World, Bieber sports an enthusiastic fan base throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as two hits charted in the Top 30. Just a few weeks ago he popped up on NBC’s “The Today Show”, and who could forget his cameo at the MTV Video Music Awards? Yes, the 15 year-old had the daunting task of introducing Taylor Swift’s performance, immediately after KanYe West interrupted the starlet’s acceptance speech on stage. Bieber witnessed the fiasco from the stage, and then went on to offer impromptu kudos to Swift on-air, before introducing her.

“I don’t think as a new artist, or anybody, really goes off topic of like, what they’re supposed to say on the teleprompter,” Bieber noted. “I kinda took a risk… having to introduce Taylor Swift on top of that was kinda scary, but I mean, she’s amazing. She’s a really nice girl so, I was honored to be able to introduce her.”

Bieber was also honored to take part in Kidd Kraddick In The Morning’s “Band Camp.” For a week straight, the singer joined the morning show to help a group of kids form a band. Bieber notes that he enjoyed the experience, but in typical 15 year-old fashion, did have one complaint.

“The only crappy part was I had to wake up at like 5 in the morning, every single day,” Bieber said. He uses his iPhone as an alarm – and also as a way to connect with his fans. The same day he performed at the mall, uStream, a web site that allows for live web video chatting, sent Bieber an iPhone application that allows him to stream live video to the web site.

“I just got it today,” Bieber said, still kinda taken aback that uStream would send him the app before it makes it available to the general public. “But like, it’s cool that I can uStream from my phone.”

Bieber will then send the uStream link out to his Twitter followers, all 300,000 plus.

“I don’t know why (I have that many followers),” he joked. “I’m not that cool.”

Thank you for your support! Adam from Kidd Kraddick In The Morning ran 15K for Kidd’s Kids inside The Mall at Steamtown. Thanks to your generosity, 2 families from NEPA with terminally or chronically ill children are headed to Disney World!

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A verse in The Fray’s debut single from their upcoming new album suggests that the last two years haven’t been just rock ‘n roll fame and fortune.
“I’ve been calling for years and years and years and years And you never left me no messages You never send me no letters. You got some kind of nerve, taking all I want… Why’d you have to wait to find me?” 
Appearing on the nationally syndicated Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Show today, lead singer Isaac Slade explained that the song is about the anger he was feeling towards his higher power.
“We just had a lot of bad things happen to our friends in the span of a year and a half and there we were out on the road, stuck in this whole weird tornado thing. I kept getting these phone calls…tragedy after tragedy, and you get the sense that if karma works, it must be busted.“ The song begins “I found God on the corner of First and Armistead”. Isaac revealed that it is an actual intersection somewhere in Texas but that’s merely a coincidence. 
Kraddick asked if it was instead a metaphor meaning “God is My First Friend” to which Isaac replied, “Dude, you are on it!” Isaac’s intent was to portray his relationship with God as more personal. “They always taught me in church that if I ran into God it would be a ‘fall on your knees’ moment, and when they said that I had a little fight to pick with them.” 
With three songs from the new album woven between talk segments, the small audience in Kraddick’s performance hall was treated to what Kraddick suggested later might be “the most intimate Fray show that’s likely to be had this year.”
“Like it or not, The Fray is a super-group now and that means moments like the one we had this morning will become more and more rare,” Kraddick said. Their last album was double platinum and “How To Save A Life” holds the record for digital downloads at over six-million. 
In addition to the debut single, Kraddick’s audience of two-million was treated to two other songs from the album, including a never-before-heard track called “Enough For Now”; a song about Isaac’s grandfather who abandoned his “mother’s mother without so much as a kiss.” 
It was an uncharacteristically long segment with the band, but Kraddick said he’s received no complaints from listeners or affiliates. “Our show is heard on many different radio formats across the country and The Fray gets played on most of them. I didn’t think anyone would mind if we gave them a little more time.

97 BHT’s Ralphie Aversa sat down inside The Mines with Lesley Roy to chat about Ireland, The Hills, and her debut CD – Unbeautiful.

Or Watch The Interview Below!

this makes so much sense, yet i know you’re still curious as to what this newsweek article says, so go ahead, divulge.

and yes, kidd kraddick gives away a trip every day this week on 97 bht. shameless, yet timely plug.
this makes so much sense, yet i know you’re still curious as to what this newsweek article says, so go ahead, divulge.

and yes, kidd kraddick gives away a trip every day this week on 97 bht. shameless, yet timely plug.