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So five people, all from different parts of the globe, meet randomly at an artist residency in Greece. None of the aforementioned artists are Greek, or from the country. They eventually form a bond, then a band, and create an album. The breakout song from that album is a happy sounding song on a LP called Never Trust a Happy Song.

In a nutshell, that is the unlikely story of Grouplove, an indie rock quintet that is gaining a steady following since the band’s debut album hit stores last fall. Grouplove performed on the “Late Show,” landed a song on the Madden NFL video game soundtrack, and scored Blair’s marriage scene on “Gossip Girl.”


“My sister and all of her friends were shrieking on my answering machine,” singer Hannah Hooper told me recently. The band is supporting Young the Giant on tour before its own headlining trek this summer. “Everyone was just freaking out.”

While I doubt he was “shrieking,” it was a similarly surreal experience hearing the song on the show for singer/bassist Sean Gadd.

“I had never seen ‘Gossip Girl’ before, but I could see that it was such a huge scene for the program,” Gadd admitted. “It made me listen to ‘Slow’ in such a different way… it was bizarre.”

But the song that is currently climbing up the Billboard chart is “Tongue Tied,” and that received a little outside help as well, in the form of an Apple iPod ad.

“[The commercial] was on all the time, literally,” Gadd said when he returned home to London for the holidays. “Every commercial break it seemed to come on!”

Despite the jovial melody of the track and spirit in the commercial, the song didn’t exactly emanate from the happiest of origins.

“It came from a dark place,” Hooper explained. “Christian [Zucconi] was doing a movie score for a really depressing film, and Sean and I were hanging out… but Christian was just messing around with different piano lines and a really happy one came out of it.”

Their instincts were already correct in knowing to travel to Greece, and form the band. Right then, the group knew they had its party song. It came from an unlikely source, but that was a scenario far from Greek to them.

Life changes when you go platinum. But you don’t have to tell Mike Posner that. The “Cooler Than Me” crooner recently noticed that his iPod was no longer working out of the right ear. Most of us would bring the device to the Apple store – maybe some would see if a friend could fix it. But when the iPod carries a ton of unreleased tracks belonging to both yourself and others, you don’t take any chances.

“I’d be the reason for this big music industry leakage,” feared Posner of if the broken iPod got in to the wrong hands. He sat down for an interview which aired Monday evening on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” “I had to destroy it.”

The verb “destroy” might be an understatement, as photos he later sent to Twitter followers showed the iPod classic completely dismantled. Posner described how he went about dismembering the music player.

“I was in a hotel room in Cleveland, and I took the couch that was in the hotel room, and I put the iPod under it and just smashed it.”

Something says he probably did not learn that technique while studying at Duke University. Posner revealed that the iPod contained collaborations with the likes of Bruno Mars and Wiz Khalifa. His sophomore album is already about six tracks deep – although the main collaboration that everyone is talking about these days is the “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” remix featuring Lil Wayne.

“When I was making the album, working with Wayne wasn’t a possibility, because he was incarcerated,” Posner noted. “So it was one of the first songs he did when he got out and man, I just feel super blessed and honored to have somebody as talented as Wayne jump on my tracks ’cause… he’s the mother-whomping man!”

The “whomp” reference was a nod to one of Posner’s favorite cartoons, “Recess.” The Duke-grad had a chance to kick it with Weezy while shooting the single’s music video – and came away with nothing but positive comments about the Young Money emcee.

Posner is in the midst of a spring college tour. 31 Minutes to Takeoff is in stores now, and the “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” remix featuring Lil Wayne can be purchased on iTunes… even if you’ve smashed your iPod.

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In an interview on “The Ralphie Radio Show,” Iyaz revealed that he recently collaborated with Miley Cyrus in-studio.

“No, that was for her’s,” replied the singer, real name Keidran Jones, when asked if the track would be featured on his forthcoming album. Reprise Records’ Tommy Page confirmed that Iyaz’s debut LP, My Life, will hit stores April 27. The first single, “Replay” – not only topped the charts, but scored the Virgin Islands pop star some free product from Apple.

“They gave me some small little Shuffles that said, ‘Stuck On Replay’ on the back,” Iyaz divulged. On the hook of “Replay”, the crooner likens his unwavering love for a girl to his iPod being stuck on replay. “‘Replay’… all of my songs, if not most of ‘em, are based on true stories.”

Download the mp3

This also holds true with Iyaz’s latest single, “Solo,” – yes, he’s an eligible bachelor. The song samples Janet Jackson’s 1993 smash, “Again.” In a prior interview on “The RRS”, producer J.R. Rotem remarked that he breathed a sigh of relief when the sample cleared, as the song leaked on to YouTube before clearance. Although Iyaz eventually sent the link out to his followers on Twitter, he denies actually posting the track.

“I was in Vegas… I went on my Twitter, and somebody posted, “Man, I just heard ‘Solo’ on the radio,” recalled Iyaz. “So, you know me. I went straight to YouTube, and there it is. I was like, ‘Wow!’ And I didn’t have it (yet).”

The singer said that a similar situation occurred with “Replay.” Surely Iyaz hopes the entire situation will rewind and playback – producing yet another number one hit for the twenty-one year old artist.

obama and mccain pick a top 10 for blender, read here.
click here for an article about what presidential hopeful barack obama listens to on his ipod. interesting read – especially when he offers props to jay-z and ludacris, yet won’t allow his two younger daughters to listen to the rappers.
click here for an article about what presidential hopeful barack obama listens to on his ipod. interesting read – especially when he offers props to jay-z and ludacris, yet won’t allow his two younger daughters to listen to the rappers.