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I chatted about this on the show Monday evening. In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, the magazine compares Madonna’s upcoming world tour to Lady GaGa’s forthcoming “Born This Way Ball.” The figures are staggering, and I think they paint a very clear picture as to who the bigger pop star is, and how much space is between the two.

Bottom line: Madge will perform half the shows and bring in double the money. Game, set, match… for now.

Here’s Chris Martin talking to Rolling Stone about how “Princess of China” came about (FF to 3:08).

And here’s another track from Mylo Xyloto, due out next week.


Singer/songwriter Ashlyne Huff threw up her “White Flag” when dealing with a guy she’s known for quite some time. The experience yielded divends: Huff is currently dating the guy that she claims she “fell in love with.” Now she hopes to continue reaping the benefits with her single, “White Flag”, which has been reviewed in Rolling Stone and featured on Perez Hilton.

Huff called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” to chat about the single and all of the attention it’s received in the media.


Justin Bieber is stirring up a bit of controversy again, and this time it has nothing to do with an awards show, mall appearance, or game of laser tag. In the next edition of Rolling Stone, the 16 year-old talks about sex, abortion, and America’s healthcare system.

Public Relations and Communications expert TJ Walker believes Bieber will experience a bit of backlash from the comments – but nothing detrimental to his career. Walker broke down the pop star’s comments on “The Ralphie Radio Show.”

In an interview with “The Ralphie Radio Show”, Adam Lambert elaborated on his absence from the season finale of “American Idol”, shedding more light on why he didn’t appear or perform on the show with other “Idol” alums.

“I didn’t skip a rehearsal because I wasn’t invited to a rehearsal,” Lambert reiterated, posting a similar message on his Twitter account. The AOL blog Popeater claimed “Idol” producers scrapped Lambert at the last minute because of an alleged no show, which the singer is vehemently denying. “There was nothing to skip.”

While both Lambert and his camp have issued statements, “Idol” is silent, perhaps fueling any other speculation as to what happened. But the former runner-up believes there’s no need for the show to speak on the subject.

“It wasn’t a big deal, there was nothing to it,” Lambert dismissed. “They invited their winners to sing to Simon (Cowell) and then I think a last minute decision was made that the people that were in the audience, that were past contestants would join. So it was kind of like this last minute thing. That’s why I wasn’t there, because I didn’t know… it wasn’t a slight at all, it was a last minute decision and I was really busy rehearsing for my tour.”

Lambert confirmed that he was also sick; however it was tour preparation that kept him from the show.

The tour kicks off June 4 in Wilkes Barre, PA – and the singer says the start in Northeastern PA was semi-calculated.

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“It’s so green here, we love it!” he joked about the area. “We were here before, with the Idol’s tour, and the audience was great. We thought we could relax here for a couple days and put our finishing touches on the tour and get it ready.”

The high demand for tickets even surprised Lambert – Wilkes Barre’s show on Friday at the F.M. Kirby Center sold out in 10 minutes. More dates have been added – and the singer revealed that a third batch of dates will also be announced, extending the “Glam Nation” tour through September.

“It is very family friendly,” Lambert also clarified – as I’m sure he’ll be hampered by those questions for the immediate future after his controversial performance at last year’s American Music Awards. “It doesn’t go to the level that the AMA performance went to, if anyone’s worried about that… if you felt that that was un-tasteful (sic), this is tasteful.”

Lambert is still asked about the award show, and still stands by his performance, characterizing it as “pretty solid.” But even the pop star admits the experience turned in to a good lesson for him.

“I learned that people were like, ‘Okay, we’re not ready for that yet,’” he admitted. “But it was just me being sexy, doing what my favorite pop stars have done and then I got heat for it.”

The “Idol” star noted that people may have been taken aback as well because it was his first TV performance outside of the competition, where he never expressed himself as much. But regardless, Lambert put the performance, and its critics, behind him.

“That was almost a year ago. We’re moving forward. That was one performance, one song, and now we’re on to the next.”

The reunion or comeback is a common storyline in music these days. The reunion or comeback that people actually care about is not.

For Scott Stapp, the lead singer of Creed, it almost didn’t come to fruition. Alleged alcohol and drug abuse drove everyone around him away – from family to band mates. Suddenly Stapp’s controversies were overshadowing his chops – and those vocals aren’t easily upstaged. But just before 2008, the front man began reaching out to his cohorts. By April of this year, the reunion was announced. Now, Creed is back, with a top selling album in Full Circle and comeback tour already under its belt.

“Thanks to all the fans out there, who stuck by us,” remarked Stapp, who called in to The Ralphie Radio Show. The lead singer sounded nothing like the guy who belted out powerhouses like, “My Sacrifice” and “Higher”, and everything like the guy that was just granted a new lease on life. Stapp took his time answering every question, not afraid to pause seconds between words, finding the right phrases to describe this new phase of his personal and professional life. He didn’t shy away from one query, and offered candid, honest responses throughout our 15 minute conversation.

“I can’t mislead ya,” Stapp began, in answering a question regarding life on the road since he curbed his substance abuse. “I-uh… I still had, at the time (of the tour) a glass of wine or so with my wife here and there, but, as far as being like it was back in the day… guess it made it a lot easier to have my wife and my family there.”

Returning to the old Creed meant breaking some old habits. Bringing the family on tour and calming down the partying certainly played a role. Stapp also revealed that the band needed to remove some of the people that hung around the band. He attributed the misinterpretation of a quote in his 2006 Rolling Stone interview to this. In the article, Mark Binelli wrote that Stapp believed anyone involved with Creed wanted the lead singer to die, so he’d become a “Kurt Cobain martyr-type” and boost record sales.

“I communicated that, in that there were some people around all of us, that had some really negative intentions,” said Stapp. “That was the context of that – (the band members) don’t have the heart… that’s not guys in this band… we were surrounded by a lot of people that, now we’re not.”

Stapp told me he’s looking forward to spending the holidays at home, with his kids and wife. Full Circle debuted at number two on the Billboard charts.

When you’re the runner-up on a show as popular as American Idol, surely you’ll accumulate a few new contacts in your phone.

“Hmm… the most famous contact in my phone?” Adam Lambert pondered before answering, “Elton John.”

That immediately begs the question: Do Adam and Sir Elton talk or text?

“Um… he’s just the most famous contact in my phone right now,” Lambert replied. “’Nuff said.”

It’s almost anti-Adam that he didn’t follow through on specifics of his relationship to Elton. Lambert admits that he’s been very open and honest since AI ceased – first revealing (or maybe in some cases confirming) his sexual orientation to Rolling Stone, then directly confronting the public release of material he recorded well before his run on Idol.

“My mom was funny, because she was like, ‘I wouldn’t have gone in to detail about this, this, and this,’” Lambert said of his mother’s reaction to the RS cover story. “Why not just address everything right off the bat, before my career really starts, and kinda be an open book?”

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Since the two aforementioned issues, it seems there are no more skeletons in Lambert’s closet. But that doesn’t mean the singer is free from rumors and gossip. During our conversation backstage before American Idols Live, Lambert revealed Better Than Ezra’s Kevin Griffin is not possible songwriter for Lambert’s forthcoming LP. Griffin told MTV News that he wrote for Lambert, describing the Idol-alum’s sound as a mix between Fall Out Boy and Kylie Minogue.

“I don’t know who Kevin is. That was actually a surprise to me, when I read that on MTV,” said Lambert. “We haven’t talked to him at all. He hasn’t written anything… we don’t have any of his songs.”

Despite this, Griffin’s appraisal of Lambert’s November 24 debut may not be far off.

“Yunno, I’ll give him credit. I don’t know how he can write a song, but he certainly can give good quotes,” Lambert joked. “I wasn’t hating on him for it, I had just never heard of him before.”

Lambert himself described the LP as an audio version of playing dress-up. After the Idol tour wraps up, he’ll focus on picking around 12 songs from a list of 20. Also on the docket is a photo shoot for the album – as well as a title – which Lambert says won’t be picked until the track listing is set.

Confirmed by Lambert as a collaborator on the LP is Lady GaGa’s producer, RedOne. The Idol runner-up reached out to GaGa herself – but due to scheduling conflicts they were not able to team up.

This was actually a find by Jessie (you’ll find out more on her later). GaGa shows she’s a true artist in this eight minute music video which watches more as a short film. Clearly this girl can do no wrong right now.

BTW, GaGa is currently on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone.

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Ralphie read in Rolling Stone that The Killers’ front man Brandon Flowers thought it was annoying that people didn’t get the hook of the band’s track, “Human”. Well, Ralphie was one of those people, until this caller…

Read the Rolling Stone article here.

click here for an article about what presidential hopeful barack obama listens to on his ipod. interesting read – especially when he offers props to jay-z and ludacris, yet won’t allow his two younger daughters to listen to the rappers.