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EXCLUSIVE: J.R. Rotem, Part 4 – Regrets How He Acted While Dating Britney Spears

There was a time in J.R. Rotem’s life, specifically December of 2006, when he fended off more paparazzi than producers. Over three years ago, Rotem worked in studio with Britney Spears, eventually producing the track “Everybody”, an iTunes/Japan bonus for her 2007 LP, Blackout. But the photogs and gossip blogs were more interested with what… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: J.R. Rotem, Part 3 – Janet Jackson Sample Clears, The Verve Doesn’t

J.R. Rotem breathed a sign of relief when he found out that Janet Jackson cleared the use of a sample from her 1993 number one hit, “Again” for the latest single from Iyaz, “Solo.” “Unfortunately that song leaked before we ever solidified anything,” said Rotem. “In a way it was amazing; people really seemed to… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: J.R. Rotem, Part 2 – Future Working With Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston is in the studio now, working on his third LP. But in an exclusive interview on “The Ralphie Radio Show” – producer J.R. Rotem reveals that he doesn’t know if he’ll be in the studio with Kingston this time around. “I honestly don’t have any information on Sean in particular,” responded Rotem when… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: J.R. Rotem, Part 1 – The "J.R." Stutter-Signature

It’s a cool sound effect – and J.R. Rotem created it, and places it on some of the songs he produces, simply as a way to promote himself. “These days, as you know, people are buying physical CDs less,” said Rotem in the first of an exclusive four-part interview on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” They… Read more »