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VANS WARPED TOUR: Nick & Chris of The All-American Rejects

If you’re craving new music from The All-American Rejects… well, you might not want to hold your breath for an extended period of time. Guitarist Nick Wheeler says the band hasn’t recorded a thing, yet. “We’re hoping to be in the studio by the end of the year,” he said, after sounding bit surprised that… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Meet Tamar Kaprelian

You know the premise by now – budding, raw talent builds following through social networking site, catches the eye of someone important, lands a record deal. Sean Kingston reached out to J.R. Rotem on MySpace, and then found the Island singer I-Yaz. MySpace is the same site that helped the career of Colbie Caillat. Priscilla… Read more »


The front man of The All-American Rejects might have a dirty little secret regarding his throat. Ailments hampered Tyson Ritter a couple of years ago while AAR toured. Bassist Nick Wheeler decided to all-but-skirt the issue last week, when I asked him about it on The Ralphie Radio Show. “(Tyson’s) doing good,” replied Wheeler, before… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: AAR’s Dirty Secrets…

Listen to this report, complete with audio, below:—Does the front man of The All-American Rejects have a dirty little secret regarding his throat? Something seemed off when I asked Bassist Nick Wheeler about it. It isn’t known when Ritter began experiencing issues with his vocal chords. But, the condition became public in July 2006. The… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Nick Wheeler of The All-American Rejects…

Download the mp3 The All-American Rejects’ Nick Wheeler assures Ralphie that Tyson Ritter isn’t mad at him. Nick also discusses “The Office”, college, the Rejects career, and the new LP, “When The World Comes Down” – which drops this Tuesday (12/16).Ralphie & AAR – Spring ’06 – Buffalo, NY.Ralphie & AAR – Fall ’06 –… Read more »