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His jail sentence may be imminent; his music and acting career may be flourishing; but don’t think for a second that rapper T.I. may have mixed up his priorities.

The platinum-selling artist called up The Ralphie Radio Show exclusively last week, talking about a wide array of topics – from his scheduled performance at the Wachovia Arena on December 29, to acting career and his plans for the holiday season.

“We’ve been looking forward to doing something, and we look forward to doing more in the future,” T.I. revealed about his cameo on Season 5 of HBO’s Entourage. The rapper played himself in a small, yet hilarious scene across from actor Jeremy Piven, known on the show as super-agent Ari Gold.

But the Atlanta-born artist isn’t all business.

“Just spend (Christmas) with my family, and try and grant all of the wishes of my kids,” T.I. replied when asked of his plans for December 25, four days before he heads to Wilkes-Barre. “And try to give back to the community. We always try to give away about a thousand bikes on Bankhead (Atlanta) in the hood; every year… we make sure everybody in the hood got something.”

The rapper, real name Clifford Harris Jr., received a number of gifts this year: most of the positive ones stem from his LP “Paper Trail”, already spawning the number-one hits, “Whatever You Like” and “Live Your Life”, which features Rihanna.

The latter actually wouldn’t have come to fruition without a couple gifts, thanks in part to the Barbados-born bombshell as well as the man responsible for sampling the “Numa Numa” song.

“I can’t take no credit for the sample man, that’s all Just Blaze,” T.I.P admitted. “He brought me the track, and you know, I gave my contribution to the record. Rihanna did her thing. She seemed perfect for it, and when she agreed to do it, I think it took the record to another level.”

With Rihanna’s recent track record, no pun intended, of hits, as well as the performance that preceded the release of the LP, T.I.’s assessment of her addition to the song couldn’t be more correct. This is reaffirmed in news that broke this week: Kanye West will re-release the track, “Paranoid” off of “808’s and Heartbreaks” with RiRi featured on it.

Speaking of Yeezy, T.I. also talked about a track that he admits to rocking out to… yes, one of his own, the star-studded “Swagga Like Us.”

“I think all the music I do man, I do it because, you know, it’s something that I can appreciate as well as something I feel that the fans can appreciate,” T.I. told me regarding the song.

On the track, Lil Wayne, who shares the record with T.I., West, and Jay-Z, shouts out NBA Superstar and fellow Syracuse University alum Carmelo Anthony. Certainly Anthony and T.I.P. could be compared right… two superstars attempting to capture Mainstream America while maintaining street cred?

“(Laughing) Yeah I guess I’d have to agree, I guess the facts would show just as you stated.”

That really is the “type of ish that make them call you Carmelo.”

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T.I. discusses “Entourage” – “Paper Trail” – plans for Christmas and 2009 on 97 BHT – A Ralphie Radio Show Exclusive.

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Win tickets to E&R Entertainment’s “Jingle Jam 2008” featuring T.I. and Young Jeezy! Another big show in NEPA – and more free tickets from 97 BHT! T.I. and Jeezy take over the Wachovia Arena on Monday, December 29th.

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And don’t forget, you heard about this show FIRST on 97 BHT!

You read about it first on this blog, and now it’s official – T.I. and Young Jeezy will rock Wachovia Arena at Casey Plaza on December 29th. Tickets go on sale this Saturday (11/29) 10:00 AM at the Arena and all Ticketmaster locations.

Scranton’s own DJ Woogie – a Shadyville DJ who also spun at the Lil Wayne show – will perform on stage as well.

And you know 97 BHT will be taking care of you like we always do!

from last wednesday at the wachovia arena, credit to anthony from afc media! more here.

Backstreet’s Back on Saturday 11/1 at the Wachovia Arena, and Howie told Ralphie what to expect regarding the show and the new CD to be released next year – a Lil Wayne collab?

Part 1: The Tour, The New CD (w/ Ryan Tedder, T-Pain, Akon, & Lil Wayne)

Part 2: Thoughts on the end of MTV’s TRL

big news: bsb may team up with t-pain, akon, and weezy for new LP, and howie won’t uneqivocally shoot down rumor about members of the group lobbying to viacom execs for TRL to stay on-air.

if it weren’t for logan’s roadhouse, the lil wayne show at the wachovia arena might not have been a reality.

while the “alledged” conflicts centered around sound systems and medal detectors in rochester and boston respectively, a steak dinner and a hungry hip-hop artist almost pulled the curtains closed on this event.

apparently only a half hour away from reaching the venue, wayne’s people phoned in to wachovia. their demand: a well-done steak dinner awaiting for the “lollipop” artist. mission complete: the show goes on. mission fail: no performance.

petty from a guy making $210,000 – but with a-list artists these days, i can’t say i’m surprised.

weezy’s management specified that if any “pink” were to be found in this steak, the mission would be considered failed.

logan’s roadhouse rose to the occasion, delivering a hot, well-done steak dinner, complete with baked potato – in a record 10 minutes.

so if you’re reading this, and you’re dinner took about 55 – you now know why. blame the self-proclaimed “greatest rapper alive.”

call wayne petty – but do not call him ungrateful. weezy informed the staff that it was “one of the best meals he’s ever had” – and after the show raved about the arena and the fans that packed it.
of course, this would not be lil wayne’s last meal in nepa – as his crew made a stop after the show at denny’s.

and who paid for the rushed meal? no one – as logan’s was so honored to cook for wayne, that they would not accept payment from the arena.

So here’s the scoop – Lil Wayne’s excuses as to why he would not perform in Rochester and Boston are essentially bullshit. Why would Wayne not comply with rules in two big media markets, yet follow all the rules in Wilkes-Barre, PA?


Weezy pulled in a quick $210,000 for last night’s show at the Wachovia Arena. Whereas the shows in Rochester and Boston were for radio stations, booked by the labels. “Radio shows” usually pay expenses and not much more. Some stations will work out a deal where the headlining artist receives a cut or all of the door – but that is rare.

Just to furthen the point – Weezy complained of a subpar soundsystem in Rochester. Yet, the system was good enough for other performers that night, including T-Pain and Ludacris.

In Boston, the story revolved around mandatory medal detectors. My source who works security at Wachovia Arena told me Wayne would be subjected to the same preresequites to enter the venue in PA. Apparently, he did.

BTW – After leaving Wachovia Arena with 2 groupies, Weezy and company made a quick stop at the local Denny’s. Wayne himself did not enter, instead sending his manager to snag a menu, place his order, and bring his food back to the bus.

No interview with him…

Inside. Heard soundcheck for mr. carter, lollipop, a milli, and back that thang up.

Weezy is making $210,000 to play this show.

Rumor is that he’s in the area, and actually stopped at the starbucks near the arena… to use the bathroom.

More soon, i hope.