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This track has been out for a minute, but apparently needed a verse from Mr. 305-better-said-Mr. Worldwide to be deemed, “radio-friendly.”

This is the official remix to “I Like How It Feels” – and these three can do no wrong right now in music. *Fist pumps.*

So, I performed a couple quick Google searches and they yielded the following: “Took My Love” was actually a track off Pitbull’s last album, Planet Pit. The production credit went to RedFoo (one half of LMFAO). DJ Buddha grew up in New England and is an A&R for Pitbull’s label, Mr. 305 Inc. This track is being released as Buddha’s record, which leads me to believe that either he remixed it and/or he was responsible for it all coming together for Pit’s LP. Regardless, it’s dope and a great song.

David Rush is signed to Pitbull’s Mr. 305, Inc. While the “Give Me Everything” rapper had an all-star type year in 2011, his artist’s past year and a half could be considered even more spectacular.

Rush, who first linked up with the Miami emcee on the 2007 track, “Go Girl,” received a kidney transplant, got married, and welcomed a baby son in to the world all within the span of about a year. Apparently that isn’t enough for Rush, who now returns to the music scene with “She Ain’t You,” an up-tempo single that features Jason Derulo crooning on the chorus.


“I work hard,” Rush stated from his New Jersey home in a Skype interview on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” “But now, it’s like I’m working not just for me, not for my wife, but just our son and it’s another inspiration, another reason to wake up, another reason to get what I want.”

The Jersey-native’s story is an inspiration in its own. Rush dealt with kidney issues for years, and traveled across the country supporting Pitbull on a 40 date tour with a dialysis machine in tow, used every night at every hotel room he stayed at before performing. The artist earned the distinction of the first person to successful tour cross-country with the piece of equipment.

In November of 2010, Rush received a kidney transplant from his brother, who also doubles as the rapper’s road manager. Currently, Rush is healthy, and ready to arrive back in DJ crates with a single that he says “fell on to his lap.”

David Rush f. Jason Derulo – “She Ain’t You”

“Mr. 305, they always want (their artists) to produce hits,” Rush explained. “We had an opportunity to get the record; I sent it back as a reference, not knowing where it was going to go.”

“She Ain’t You” struck Rush as such a big song he literally couldn’t wait to finish it, sending back the first treatment about two hours after it hit his e-mail. He didn’t even realize Derulo was on the hook until after he wrote to the track. Thankfully, Pitbull’s camp and Pit himself also liked the track, and made the necessary calls to secure it for their artist.

And despite his large amount of success and superstar status, Pitbull is just a call… or rather, text message, away from Rush at all times.

“He’s usually a great texter,” Rush said of Pitbull. “Calls is another deal. But text message, I can guarantee a text message or e-mail response within a day. Even if it’s just a, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ or ‘Chico, rooting for you,’ you know what I mean?”

Not even fair, these tourmates are killing the game right now… this will be a track off a special edition to be released of Enrique’s Euphoria.


Radio talk show host and attorney Elizabeth Kelley thinks Lindsay Lohan could be doing more constructive things with her free time than trying to sue Pitbull over his song, “Give Me Everything.”

Kelley said Lohan’s legal team faces an uphill battle in the suit during a call in to “The Ralphie Radio Show.”

Visit Kelley’s website.


What if Pitbull hit the all-you-can-eat buffet instead of the bottle? REEEEEEEEEMIXX!!!

#ALLDANCEMUSICEVERYTHING!!! Seriously, first DJ Sammy, then David Guetta, now Afrojack and Benny Benassi (“Satisfaction”) are receiving mainstream love.

Just because Lil Jon is so drunk that he limits an interview at two questions, doesn’t mean he still can’t speak coherently about the success of his good friend and an artist that he brought into the mainstream, Pitbull.

“I believed in that dude from day one,” he said after his DJ set at Mohegan Sun’s Ultra 88 Nightclub in Uncasville, CT. “That’s why I f–ked with him, because he had a lot of talent. I saw potential that he could do something that nobody had ever done before.”

That “day one” that “The King of Crunk” referred to took place in Miami. Pitbull was once “Mr. 305” (a Miami area code). Now the rapper is the self-proclaimed “Mr. Worldwide,” and Jon doesn’t find that a stretch the least bit.

“He’s just killin’ it, like this new record he’s got with Ne-Yo (‘Give Me Everything’) is going to be a number one, worldwide smash,” the “Celebrity Apprentice” star predicted. “He’s amazing. I got a lot of respect for him because if you interview him, he’ll tell you he learned a lot from me, he learned a lot from (Dr.) Luke. To be a good artist, and a good entrepreneur and entertainer, you have to listen to other people and watch and learn. That’s what he did.”

Like any good teacher, Jon practices what he preaches: for most of the night at Ultra 88, the DJ played up-tempo pop and dance remixes, despite some of his most popular hits falling in the hip hop genre.

“I’m in a dance world,” he admitted. “I DJ raves and sh-t all the time, so yeah I do a lot of different stuff.”

Heck, he even grants interviews after a night of DJ-ing and drinking. Unfortunately, he was serious about that whole two question thing.

“Part 1” was featured on Flo’s latest album, Only One Flo. Loving the summer-friendly sequel.