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VIDEO: Flo Rida’s Fan Phone

Flo Rida made international headlines last year when he gave out his cell phone number to fans across the world. To this day, Flo still has the number activated, and occasionally tweets it out to his followers. Before performing for over 1,000 people inside The Woodlands Inn and Resort, Ralphie wanted to call the phone… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: David Archuleta Doesn’t Watch ‘Jersey Shore’, Says New Album Is Finished

David Archuleta admitted on “The Ralphie Radio Show” that he doesn’t watch MTV’s hit reality show “Jersey Shore” – matter of fact – he even needed a synopsis. “What is it about, exactly?” Archuleta innocently asked – completely unaware of stars like “DJ Pauly D” or “The Situation.” Fear not though, as David had heard… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Flo Rida Reveals Second David Guetta Collab, Talks New LP

David Guetta used an effective formula to obtain material for his album One Love: I’ll do a track for you if you return the favor. In an interview on “The Ralphie Radio Show” Thursday, Flo Rida confirmed that Guetta isn’t straying from that mentality. “Oh man, we got a crazy record together,” said Flo of… Read more »

MTV NEWS’ SHAHEEM REID: Timbaland Has Much To Live For

MTV News Reporter Shaheem Reid on “The Ralphie Radio Show” about Timbaland MTV News reporter Shaheem Reid called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” from 1515 Broadway in New York to chat about reports that Timbaland was a suicide threat earlier in the week, after a $2 million watch was allegedly stolen from the super-producer…. Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Switchfoot Divulges Details on 2011 Album

Switchfoot lead singer Jon Foreman knows that the band’s next album, Vice Verses, will be released in 2011. That’s about all Foreman knows about the next album. “We’ve got like, 20 songs… well, 40 songs, 20 that we’ve cut it down to (with a) bunch of songs left over from the last session,” he revealed,… Read more »