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If you’re going to paint, you’d want to learn from Picasso. If you aspire to play pro basketball, you might seek the tutelage of Michael Jordan. So if you were to hit the road for your first ever headlining tour, wouldn’t you want to be taken under the wings of Lady GaGa and The Black Eyed Peas? Fortunately for Jason Derulo, that was the case. The “Ridin’ Solo” singer kicked off his 21-date headlining trek on Monday at The Theater of the Living Arts in Philadelphia. Derulo said after the concert that the experience of touring with GaGa and The Peas definitely helped.

“Being on the road is difficult, and getting acclimated to it is different,” Derulo admitted on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” “There’s a lot of tricks to the trade, that you kind of have to learn by experience.”

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For example, the Miami-born pop star will not do multiple interviews before a show, as he found out the hard way that the continuous talking can take a toll on his vocal chords. Derulo also watches what he puts in his stomach before a concert, especially considering he spends a considerable amount of time on stage dancing and performing acrobatic moves.

Perhaps you could credit the latter for Derulo not wanting to partake in any type of alcoholic shots before show time. At a restaurant next to the venue, a radio station with concert winners wanted to celebrate the singer’s birthday: Jason turned 21 on September 21. He may not have celebrated in Philly, but Derulo insists he partied enough while overseas.

“I think I celebrated a little too hard… I got really wasted man, I’m not even gonna front,” he said. “But I mixed drinks, which is really bad.”

I guess like touring, sometimes you have to experience a lesson before you can learn it.

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Sure, you may know her as Bonnie Bennett on the hit CW show “The Vampire Diaries”, but after this year, Kat Graham is hoping you’ll like her for more than just what you see.

She’s no stranger to music – working as a backup dancer for the likes of Missy Elliott and Bow Wow – as well as singing on the hook of The Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am’s hit, “I Got It From My Momma.” But now Kat is prepping her debut album with the release of the critically acclaimed first single, “Sassy.” Kat talked about her many projects on “The Ralphie Radio Show.”

Will.I.Am., the renaissance man and Black Eyed Peas lead emcee, is no stranger to viral videos. During the 2008 Presidential Campaign, two of his videos in support of candidate Barack Obama garned millions of views in days – helping our current president in spreading his message of “Hope” and “Yes We Can.” Both were hosted on Will’s, a site that combines multimedia with social networking.

Turns out there are more than just viral productions of the political movement variety on “DipComedy” features contributions from a plethora of comedians. Sam Riegel is one of those contributors – and his latest piece is gaining a great amount of attention on the Intenets here.

“I’mma Hot Cheeto” is a three-plus minute rap, in which Riegel plays the role of emcee “Tigga Hoods.” Dressed in dark makeup, a black hat, black slacks, and a red golf polo shirt – Riegel parades around a golf course and a music video set with a number of scantily clad women. He rhymesabout being a heartbreaker, over a sample of “Eye Of The Tiger”, outfitted with clips of Woods’ infamous voicemail purchased by US Weekly.

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The video is hosted on Will’s Dipdive site.

“They used to call me Tiger, but now I’m a cheetah, now I’m a cheetah, now-now-I’m a cheetah,” Riegel raps, with seemingly the help of some type of vocoder/autotune.

But is that the only help Riegel used – or is this track in fact produced by Will.I.Am. himself?

“I can neither confirm nor deny anything,” said a coy Riegel, who called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” earlier this week. This admission came after first denying that Will played any role in the production of the piece. The comedian would not elaborate further.

Surely there is another question that you’re yearning for the answer to: Did “Tigga Hoods” find Tiger Woods’ apology last Friday sincere?

“Yunno, once you play someone in a video, you start to understand them more, you know what I mean Ralphie?” he joked. “When I was ‘Tigga Hoods’ out there on the putting green, getting licked by ladies and felt up… I can identify with the guy.”

Thought you might enjoy this, a clever mash-up of the 25 biggest songs in 2009 according to Billboard… definitely worth your time here.

David Guetta may not be releasing One Love in the States until August 25, but that doesn’t mean the French DJ/Producer isn’t already thinking of future singles and possible re-releases of the LP.

“Okay, I give you exclusive,” Guetta said at the end of our interview last week. He called in to The Ralphie Radio Show from a French hotel. Towards the latter part of the conversation, Guetta revealed the existence of a track that will be the third single off of One Love. The song is “Gettin’ Over” – and the original features Chris Willis. The remix, to come later with a holiday re-release of the LP, will also include Fergie and Will.I.Am. of The Black Eyed Peas.

“The Peas were like, ‘Oh, you gotta give (‘Gettin’ Over’) to us.’ I’m like, ‘No, I need that one for my album,’” Guetta explained. “I saw Will again, and he was like, ‘Man this song is too good.’ So it’s Fergie, Chris Willis, and Will.I.Am., and this song is a bomb man!”

It wouldn’t be the first “bomb” created by Guetta and BEP – the man behind, “Love Is Gone” produced The Peas global smash, “I Gotta Feeling.”

“(BEP and I) first made two songs for The Black Eyed Peas album,” said Guetta, who also claims production credits on the track, “Rock That Body” from The E.N.D. “We had so much that we just kept making music even though the album was finished. I’m still making music with Will for nothing, just for fun.”

Part 1: “I Gotta Feeling”, Working w/ The Black Eyed Peas

Part 2: “Sexy Chick” f. Akon, One Love, Exclusive News Re: New BEP Track

Guetta parlayed his relationships with BEP and Kelly Rowland (vocals on “When Love Takes Over”) in to more cameos from American A-listers on his forthcoming LP. The Peas and Rowland told their friends about the producer, and then artists like Akon, Ne-Yo, and Kid Cudi approached Guetta for tracks. The Frenchman would always respond with a “yes”, on the condition that they appeared on his album as well. The result is a star-studded cast for One Love. Akon is featured on the LP’s second single, “Sexy B*tch.”

“What happened with Akon was not planned,” revealed Guetta. “We just met at a festival, and decided to make music on that night.”

Both were leaving from the show for their respective home countries in the morning. Guetta says that instead of going out to have a drink, they entered the studio, and left with a song that is already taking the global charts by storm. The record will also appear on Akon’s forthcoming album.

Much has come as a delightful surprise to Guetta during this summer-long run of chart-topping hits, but what didn’t was the changing of “Sexy B*tch” in the U.S. and U.K. to “Sexy Chick.” He even learned something thanks to Akon in the process.

“We had a discussion with the record company… and in the U.K., (bitch) is the most offensive word,” said Guetta. “Whereas in America… that’s what I’ve been told by Akon, like, a girl that takes care of herself and knows what she wants.”

Regardless, it’s what the people want: the song already reached the Top 10 in nine different countries, and is on the cusp of Top 20 in the U.S. Maybe taking language cues from Akon isn’t so bad afterall.

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Dope track, producted by David Guetta… mp3 includes audio from

The E.N.D. drops June 9th.

The following will appear in The Weekender, a weekly arts and entertainment publication in NEPA with a circulation of over 175,000.

Rod Stewart watches “The Office.”

TMZ caught the “Forever Young” singer outside a restaurant in Los Angeles with his wife, model Penny Lancaster. When Stewart’s spouse went to snag the car, he told her, “Pull it out just a little bit.”

Then Stewart quickly added, “That’s what she said.”

“It’s pretty cool that we got (on camera) Rod Stewart,” TMZ’s Leslie Harris told me on The Ralphie Radio Show. “But he did his own joke! It was awesome.”

Usually when TMZ cameras are rolling, the joke is on the celebrity. But this time, the subject provided the laughter, without any bait.

Maybe it makes a little bit of sense considering Stewart is usually regarded in a class of his own. Both Elton John and James Brown have referred to him as the best “white soul singer” alive.


Last week you read in this column about the new barrier that President Barack Obama attempted to break down: the first President to e-mail in the Oval Office.

Well, it looks like President Obama will officially become wired.

The Associated Press reported last week that the Secret Service and White House lawyers will allow Mr. Obama to keep his BlackBerry. He will use the device to keep in touch with family, close friends, and staff members.

“Anything Obama’s thumbs tap out into the ether is of historical value,” said one presidential historian to The AP.

No media outlet has yet to report on if the President uses BlackBerry Messenger, or what is PIN is.


A number of previously-unreleased songs and demos by A-List artists leaked on The Ralphie Radio Show within the past 7 days.

Last week, a new track from The Black Eyed Peas emerged. The hip-hop quartet hasn’t released an LP since 2005’s Monkey Business. Lead emcee told Billboard that he finished recording The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies) last October. The album is due out sometime this year. “Rockin Tha Beatz” is an uptempo, synth-heavy club banger, laced with an auto-tuned Will on vocals.

Also on the Internet is a demo of a track called, “Hologram.” The beat is a Dr. Dre production, and Chris Brown guests on the track. The Backstreet Boys purchased the song. It’s the first single from the band’s new effort – which hits shelves this spring.

Finally, a new Lil Wayne song hit the net Monday. Weezy gets his ‘Yeezy on, singing with autotune on “Prom Queen.” The track is from the rapper’s rock album, to be released this April.

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how cannot you not appreciate the genius that is

fergie told me about this when we spoke a while ago… taboo tied the knot over the weekend…

all of the peas were in attendance – with and as groomsmen. tab tapped bep manager polo molina as his best man.

taboo turns 33 today.

so i was in DC for the weekend… pictures to come, but for now, here’s this week’s portion of the ralphie report that describes some of the randomness that occurred…
The Green Apple Festival is billed as the world’s largest Earth Day celebration. This year’s festivities were scheduled in eight cities in landmarks across the U.S. Sites included Central Park in New York City and The Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

Another location – The National Mall in Washington D.C., did not party with scheduled acts The Roots, Ne-Yo, and Despite a celebration of Earth, Mother Nature did not cooperate. Downpours brought thunder, lightening, and damage to the sound equipment. The day-long concert began at noon, but would not last much after. The only big act to perform a quick music set was American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis.

In yet another sign that this world is smaller than we all think, I ran into Lewis at the bar inside The Marriott on Pennsylvania Avenue later in the night. Turns out the Seattle-born singer did not find out that he would perform at the festival until 48 hours before hand. Of course, Lewis was disappointed that the dismal weather cut the event short.

“Like literally, right when I stepped on (stage), the rain started,” he told me over a beer. “It’s too bad, because there was a nice crowd too, and by the time I finished there was about 6,000 people there.”

Officials ended the event just after 3 pm. The large crowd never saw The Roots jam with or Doug E. Fresh. Even Lewis planned on jumping in on the action – but instead relegated back to his hotel room.

Meanwhile the lead emcee of The Black Eyed Peas packed his bags and hopped on the next first class flight to Los Angeles. After spending a mere few hours at home, would jet off to London, supporting his CD, Songs About Girls, which is still receiving copious amounts of love overseas.

Lewis planned on spending the night in our nation’s capital – as unsexy as that might seem. After all, this was a Sunday night in a city filled with weekday warriors working the 9 to 5. A flight home awaited the Idol contestant in the morning.

And me? Well the weekend was a far cry from a disappointment. After an eventful Saturday evening in D.C. with one of my college roommates, I spend the early part of Sunday watching my Yankees defeat the Orioles in Baltimore.

Of course, the evening wasn’t so shabby either.