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INTERVIEW: Mike Posner Helps Justin Bieber Evolve His Sound; Reveals New Direction for ‘Sky High’

When people think of Justin Bieber, a number of different opinions may come to mind. Some may still see him as the teenager who packed malls across America past their fire codes. Others might immediately associate Bieber with his girlfriend, actress/singer Selena Gomez. But for Mike Posner, the teen star is simply a “really cool… Read more »

INTERVIEW: Sammy Adams Says New LP is ‘Probably 90 Percent’ Done

Sammy Adams is ready to “blow up” and fill a void that he sees in the current pop music landscape. “There’s not really a white pop star or singer/rapper/hybrid that really has footing like Katy Perry and Britney Spears and the female pop artists,” Adams said in a Skype interview from Miami this week. And… Read more »

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Mike Posner – ‘Cheated’

Another single from Mike Posner’s 31 Minutes to Takeoff. The Duke grad dedicates the track to Carolyne Stevens – and via e-mail he wouldn’t tell me if she was real/if that was her actual name. However, Posner later tweeted me that he’d like to discuss on-air… hmm… dope track nonetheless.

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Mike Posner – ‘The Scientist’ (Coldplay Cover)

So I was watching an episode of “Maestro Knows” the other day that featured Mr. Mike Posner. Maestro followed the artist around for a day, and the segment ended with the two in Mike’s home studio. Posner was working on a cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist.”I immediately reached out to Mike’s manager to see what… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Posner Preps Sophomore LP, Talks Weezy Collab

Life changes when you go platinum. But you don’t have to tell Mike Posner that. The “Cooler Than Me” crooner recently noticed that his iPod was no longer working out of the right ear. Most of us would bring the device to the Apple store – maybe some would see if a friend could fix… Read more »


“All Posner, all hits” or “All killer, no filler” are two of the catchphrases Mike Posner is using to describe his highly anticipated LP, 31 Minutes to Takeoff, which drops August 10. The “Cooler Than Me” emcee keeps it as real as possible. Matter of fact, probably the only thing not authentic about the album… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: Duke Grad Mike Posner Recorded ‘Cooler Than Me’ On A Dell Laptop

Turns out new artists Mike Posner and Iyaz have a couple things in common. Both attended four-year schools here in the States. And both used Dell laptops to record vocals and launch their respective careers. “But it sounds crispy, doesn’t it?” Posner asked on Tuesday, referring to the track “Cooler Than Me.’ Oh yeah, both… Read more »