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AUDIO: Entertainment Reporter Jill Wilderman on Rebecca Black’s Interesting Political Endorsement

Rebecca Black is back in the news, and this time it is not for her music. Entertainment reporter Jill Wilderman talked about Black’s recent endorsement of a controversial Mexican political figure.Wilderman also discussed Justin Bieber’s upcoming “Believe” tour, which will also feature opening act Carly Rae Jepsen.Check out Jill’s blog here and follow her on… Read more »

YOUTUBE TUESDAY: Rebecca Black is Back, Marine Asks Out Justin Timberlake, Surprise Birthday Spoiled

Contain your excitement here, Rebecca Black is back with a song called, “My Moment.”Mila Kunis initially turned down a marine’s invite to the Marine Corp Ball in Washington D.C. before accepting. So what about her “Friends with Benefits” co-star Justin Timberlake?BTW, he said yes! Finally, I can’t believe what this reporter said on live, national… Read more »

YOUTUBE TUESDAY: The Next Rebecca Black, Soccer Player Gone Wild, eHarmony

I originally never clicked on this video because I thought it was another Facebook virus. I thought wrong – over 11 million views later the eHarmony cat lover is a bonafied YouTube Superstar.Rebecca Black is also a YouTube sensation. Also from the Ark Music Factory, here’s Lexi St. George and “Dancing to the Rhythm.”Finally, Girls… Read more »

AUDIO: ‘Sunday’ (Parody of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’)

Alright, I’m not going to front – this may end up under the “Greatest Misses” category before “Greatest Hits.” The premise was: what if Rebecca Black was a 21 year-old girl that loved to party, not an innocent 15 year-old wrapping up a week of school? Perhaps she’d be confessing her sins on Sunday, Sunday…. Read more »

YOUTUBE TUESDAY: Cee Lo Says ‘Thank You’, Kids React to Osama Death

The Fine Bros. post videos of children, mostly 8-11 years old, reacting to various videos and events. Most are innocent and funny in nature. The latest segment is those children reacting to the news delivered by President Obama that Osama bin Laden was killed. It is quite interesting and telling, to say the least.On a… Read more »

YOUTUBE TUESDAY: First Kiss, Michael Bolton, The Male Rebecca Black

We’ll start with these two love birds…Interesting that these moments will now play out in front of millions on YouTube. Check out this Taiwanese musician playing three instruments at once!I don’t even know what that one instrument is… never seen it. Do it live. The Lonely Island is back, and this time they brought along… Read more »

YOUTUBE TUESDAY: Babies, Rebecca Black Parody

We’ll start with a baby who is enamored and amused with bubbles.Meanwhile, this baby can’t say one “F” word, so another is blurted out.And finally, Rebecca Black’s “Friday” tune is put top some good use, as a parody is made to promote Earth Day, which was on April 21.

EXCLUSIVE: We The Kings’ Travis Clark Reveals Tentative Title for Third LP

The boys from Bradenton, FL don’t get to spend a lot of time at home these days, but that doesn’t mean We The Kings isn’t in a Sunshine State of Mind. Front man Travis Clark announced Monday evening on “The Ralphie Radio Show” that the nod to the band’s Floridian-roots may serve as the title… Read more »

Autotune Is Treating 13 Year-Old Rebecca Black Well

I’m having a hard time criticizing this girl… she’s only 13 and she’s making a ton more money than me. From ABC News Radio:We don’t know if she’s getting paid on “Friday,” but Rebecca Black is most definitely getting paid for her viral YouTube hit of that name, which some have derided as the worst… Read more »