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I met Derek Jeter in the summer of 1998. To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement: it was my first day of my first trip to New York City ever – my family hadn’t been in Manhattan all of five hours. Mom overheard two workers at Niketown chatting about how tall the Yankees shortstop was. Within minutes, I saw for myself, standing literally right next to him.

Most of my five minute chat with Jeter consisted of me nervously rambling: he scored the game-winning run the night before, I had tickets to the next three Yankees games, I traveled from Niagara Falls, NY just to see him play, this was my first visit to Yankee Stadium… yada, yada, yada. The Yankee stood there and listened as if I was his little cousin – nodding and thanking me for my support while a customer service rep prepared his merchandise.

Jeter didn’t have to give me 10 seconds of his day for me to think of him as my favorite baseball player. But he did, and for what it’s worth, he’s enshrined with that title the same way he will be enshrined in Cooperstown once he retires – unequivocally and forever.

As I’ve grown older – I’ve only come to appreciate the captain more. But I’m no more grateful for his hits, runs, off-the-back-leg throws, or championship rings as I am for the class and grace he exhibits while doing so.

The bottom line: he always says the right thing and never does the wrong one. Jeter has found a way to the top of baseball without taking a path through steroids and/or tabloids.

At the time I met Jeter, he was 24. Now he’s 36, and still playing (for now) the most youth-oriented position on the field: shortstop. Despite his success and the way which he achieved it, the Yankees felt the need to negotiate Jeter’s contract this past offseason through the media, as if the five-time World Champion was an ungrateful, undeserving athlete. You think New York’s front office would have dealt with enough of those types to distinguish them from the rest, but apparently not. Regardless, Jeter kept his silence and signed a new deal – and only said of the process that he wished it wasn’t as public as it had become.

Yet now, despite coming off a Gold Glove season, partly because of his age, and mostly because of the Yankees brass, Jeter will be faced with a plethora of carefully-worded questions about not only his future in pinstripes, but his future position while in them. Those inquiries kicked off with his arrival to Spring Training, and in typical Jeter fashion, he responded.


“I don’t think you prepare yourself for a negative,” Jeter responded to a question about a decline in the lineup order or playing time – plus possibly changing positions. “If you get in to a situation where you have to address that, then you address it. Right now, my mindset isn’t on, ‘Well, what’s going to happen if I’m not doing my job?’ I think that’s pretty difficult to do.”

I’m sure some feel it’s still easier for Jeter to stay positive than most given his job, bank account, and relationship status. But if doing the right thing, all the time, with relative ease was so easy – then why don’t more professional athletes do it?

Perhaps those other athletes are all too busy preparing for the negative.

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IMHO, it wasn’t a good look on Lady GaGa’s part to enter the clubhouse at Yankee Stadium last Friday, after the Yankees lost the opening game of the Subway Series to the cross-rival Mets. The three main reasons:

– GaGa wouldn’t approve if someone simply talked their way in to the backstage area of her concert.
– Media access is much more broad and not as controlled at a sporting event as opposed to most concerts.
– The players aren’t singers or musicians with seperate, closed off dressing rooms. Everyone is in the same room – you also have family and children there.

I love the Yankees, I love GaGa, but the simply put, the singer is in the wrong on this one. For my full opinion, download the segment at the top of the thread.

The evening before she was to appear in front of a judge for sentencing on the conviction of attempted prostitution, Craigslist user and diehard Philadelphia Phillies fan Susan Finkelstein said she had no regrets about the situation.

“I feel really comfortable with my body and with my sexuality,” Finkelstein said via telephone in an interview which aired Wednesday on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” She was referring specifically to the topless photos she sent to an undercover police officer who responded to her ad on Craigslist last fall.

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Susan’s side of the story can be read here.

The post read, “Diehard Phillies fan — gorgeous tall buxom blonde — in desperate need of two World Series tickets. Price negotiable — I’m the creative type! Maybe we can help each other!” After sending the pictures and meeting at a bar with the officer – Finkelstein was arrested and charged with prostitution. The police department held a press conference on the matter – and sent the press in to a frenzy – with Finkelstein’s mug shot appearing across the globe. A jury found her not guilty on the charge but did pass an unprecedented guilty verdict on attempted prostitution.

“That’s actually the first time anyone in Pennsylvania has been charged with it, let alone convicted of it,” revealed Finkelstein. “It really makes no sense because attempted prostitution is prostitution.”

The conviction carries a maximum sentence of one-year in jail. With the way things have played out, Finkelstein is preparing for anything.

“My lawyer and some other legal advisors that we’ve talked to have basically said it’s probably going to be probation,” she said. “But given the craziness of this situation since last October, I’m not taking anything for granted.”

While some things in her life have changed drastically since the incident made international headlines, you might be surprised to hear that other aspects haven’t: yes she was fired from her full-time job, but she’s still happily married to a husband that she says has been “very supportive” through the entire process. Finkelstein has also attended a few Phillies games this year, at the urging of close friends.

Had such a great birthday weekend… I officially turned the big 2-5 yesterday – and I spent the day with my girlfriend in New York City, taking in the Yankees game at the Hard Rock Cafe at the stadium (the team played in Toronto), then doing a little shopping and walking around – the weather was gorgeous.

The number of calls, texts, Facebook messages, and Twitter at replies were overwhelming. Thank you so much, means a lot.

Oh, and because I just received this from the label (thanks Bobbi!) here’s a shot of me and Orianthi from last week:

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Rick Cerrone manned what Sports Illustrated called, “The Hottest Seat in Sports.” As the Yankees’ Senior Director of Media Relations from 1996 through 2006, he worked side by side with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. Cerrone checked in to “The RRS” to offer his thoughts on Tiger Woods’ planned appearance with select media on Friday.

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Remember the Philadelphia Phillies fan who posted a Craigslist ad last October offering, well, “services”, in exchange for World Series tickets? William J. Brennan, the attorney for Susan Finkelstein, used quite the defense while attempting to protect his client in court last Friday.

What exactly did he say? I’d rather not repear… click here for more.

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Rick Cerrone manned what Sports Illustrated called, “The Hottest Seat in Sports.” As the Yankees’ Senior Director of Media Relations from 1996 through 2006, he worked side by side with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. Cerrone checked in to The RRS to offer his thoughts on Tiger Woods’ indefinite hiatus from golf.

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As if I didn’t need another reason to play her music more on the show…

Danny Wood didn’t think it would last this long.

“We thought we’d do like 20, 30 shows at best probably, and be home,” Wood confessed. “But we’re very happy it’s gone this long and we’re happy to now be doing the ‘Full Service’ tour.”

New Kids On The Block released The Block in September 2008. The LP marked the boy band’s first studio release in 14 years. After the CD debuted atop the Billboard Pop Charts, NKOTB embarked on a North American tour – then extended the trek to dates overseas. A “fan cruise” last month took the guys with supporters from Miami to the Bahamas. Now, New Kids find themselves on the “Full Service” tour – playing outdoor amphitheaters throughout the summer with opening act Jesse McCartney.

The Boston-born singers themselves didn’t expect this reunion to last in to the summer… but now some are wondering not when will it end, but if it will cease at all?

“We have some plans for next year. I think a new record will probably come in 2011, if we all agree to do that. But, we’re pretty much all on the same page right now. I don’t see this being the last time to see us.”

Wood joked that someone in the group “acting like an asshole,” could prevent the CD release. But, according to him, everyone in the band agreed on that plan for the time being. Still, Wood noted that family situations could play a factor.

“It’s different this time around, so you never know. I mean, I know I never thought my kids would get to see me back on stage. My daughters are with me so, it’s always perfect when they’re here.”

Also with the group is McCartney, a 22-year old pop star that wasn’t alive when NKOTB released its self-titled debut LP in 1986. But apparently, that doesn’t mean the former All My Children actor is seeking out Donnie Wahlberg or anyone in the group for advice.

“You want me to be honest?” Wood asked. “I haven’t seen the dude once. I don’t know… I don’t know. He does a mad dash or he’s hiding or I don’t know.”

Wood seemed a bit bothered, perhaps even offended, in his tone and body language, but insisted that is far from the case.

“I don’t give a shit. He can do whatever he wants, I don’t care,” Wood insisted. “We’re pretty accessible… if you walked around here you’d probably run in to all five of us.”

Give the man credit – I did in fact run in to all the guys at one point or another while backstage. Donnie chatted on his phone. Joey McIntyre walked his puppy. Jordan Knight snapped a photo with me before a Boston Herald phone interview. His brother, Jonathan, attempted to chat on his cell, but of course, coverage can be spotty up on the mountain.

And as for McCartney – Jesse told me later that earlier that day he finally met all five of the guys. The singer blamed a hectic schedule – which even forced him to jet back to Los Angeles at one point – as the reason for his notable absence backstage.