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There hasn’t been a girl group to take over the United States since a void was left by the Pussycat Dolls and Danity Kane. UK quartet Little Mix is looking to change that.


“I do find it really strange,” responded singer Jesy Nelson of the idea that there hasn’t been a popular girl band in the States since the aforementioned groups. “Yunno what, it’s time to change it up. Little Mix is here!”

Nelson’s comment elicited laughter from her band-mates. The girls were in a great mood as they walked the red carpet of their performance with J-14 Magazine inside the Hard Rock Café in Times Square. Little Mix’s debut single, “Wings” just cracked the top 40 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart this month.

“We just feel incredibly lucky,” said Perrie Edwards, who by the way, is romantically linked to One Direction’s Zayn Malik. “We didn’t know what the response was going to be like, and so far so good.”

“Wings” will serve as the first single from the band’s album DNA, which will be released in the U.S. this May. The girls wouldn’t reveal if the American version would feature any new collaborations with artists from the States. Jade Thirlwall did divulge some advice received from the 1D fellas about making the media rounds across the pond.

“We did obviously ask them, and they just said, ‘The main thing is to be yourself and just be confident with everything, and believe in yourself,’” she recalled. “And we believe in us, so hopefully it all goes well.”

Little Mix won “The X-Factor” overseas back in 2011. The singers are signed to Simon Cowell’s SYCO Music, and their music is distributed in the States by Columbia Records, which is also the U.S. home for One Direction and Olly Murs.

Good news for “Carly’s Angels” – the name given to fans of Carly Rose Sonenclar. It seems “The X-Factor” runner-up will have no problem releasing her album to the masses.


“I’m in pre-production on my album,” Sonenclar told me inside the Hard Rock Café in Times Square. The Westchester-native attended J-14’s Little Mix showcase. “I got signed to Simon Cowell’s company, so they picked up my recording option, which I’m very happy about.”

The 13 year-old has good reason to be pleased. It is hard enough for winners, let alone second and third place finishers, to release music on a large scale following a reality TV show. Now signed with Cowell’s SYCO Music, Sonenclar is almost guaranteed a major record label debut with Sony Music Entertainment – probably through either the Epic or Columbia Records imprint.

“I’ve been in the studio, I’m finishing school, and stuff like that,” said the teenager, who is back in New York where she will record most of her music. Sonenclar even brought a group of her friends down to red carpet at the Hard Rock Café for the event.

Another friend that Carly Rose hopes to talk with soon is Britney Spears.

“She just switched agents to my agent, so now hopefully I’m going to be able to get in touch with her,” she said. Spears left William Morris Endeavor for Creative Artists Agency after calling off her engagement with Jason Trawick. He represented Spears, but later stepped down as her agent to focus on their relationship.

It apparently has not taken long for contestants on “The X-Factor” to pick up on the tendencies of the show’s new hosts – Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian-Odom.


“Here’s when I know people are about to call my name,” 13 year-old Beatrice Miller started to explain on “The Ralphie Show.” “(Mario or Khloe) look at you, like they glance at you, like, ‘The next person is…’ and then they quickly glance at you, then look away.”

While Lopez is more acclimated to the hosting scene with his other gig at “Extra!” – the job is a completely new venture for the Kardashian sister. Regardless, you would have to think that no contestant, no less a 13 year-old, would be able to find a “tell” in the presentation of a Ryan Seacrest.

The topic came about because Miller was explaining her reaction to placing eighth on the results show last week. Some criticized the Maplewood, NJ native for acting “immature,” and while the teenager apologized on Twitter, she also defended herself.

“I’m a 13 year-old girl,” Miller stated. “Some people have to remember that.”

In an interview on 95.5 PLJ’s “The Ralphie Show,” Carly Rose Sonenclar revealed that she will be performing this week on “The X-Factor,” despite coming down with strep throat.


“I hope not… I don’t know,” the 13 year-old responded when asked if she felt it might affect her performance. “It’s unfortunate but I can’t not do the show.”

The Westchester-native, who has consistently wowed all four judges, said her nerves are already up, as she has never had to perform in front of so many people while sick.

“I went to the doctor and I’m on antibiotics so I should be fine by then but I mean, I don’t know,” Sonenclar said. “I just hope I am.”

This week, contestants will choose songs based on giving thanks to someone that is important to them. The theme coincides with the results show, which airs Thanksgiving night on FOX.

How hands-on is Antonio “L.A.” Reid with the artists on Epic Records? In the case of “The X-Factor” finalist Chris Rene, very.

“It’s track by track,” Rene said of the Chairman and CEO of the label’s involvement with his forthcoming album. “It’s like, I’m not going to make a track that I’m not happy with or that I don’t think represents me fully. He wants the same thing.”


From a technical standpoint, the formula worked because Rene is only a track away from the LP’s completion. The singer believes the album does represent him as a whole, for both better and worse.

“It’s not just all going to be one thing,” Rene said of the song content. “It’s going to be a mixture of all kinds of different things… the highs and the lows.”

Rene has experienced both during his career, which started as a young teen. His path took a detour when he became a trash collector in his hometown of Santa Cruz, California. Then, he battled a drug addiction that landed him in rehab. But just 10 weeks after exiting the program, Rene found himself auditioning for a show that would yield his big break.

“It’s been a trip,” Rene said succinctly. “Going on to ‘The X-Factor,’ coming off, signing with Epic… it’s crazy, it’s a whole another life.”

The singer isn’t trying to exit stage right from the lifestyle anytime soon either – his track “Young Homie” is gaining traction and available on iTunes now, and his almost-finished album should drop before the end of the year.

By the way, Rene plans on keeping his personal lifestyle intact as well. His one-year sobriety anniversary is April 20.

On WBRE’s “PA Live!” for this week’s “The Ralphie Report,” I recapped my interview with “Jersey Shore” star Deena Nicole Cortese, dished on the JLO/Marc Anthony divorce, and discussed Britney Spears’ potential move to “The X-Factor.”


Looks as if Britney Spears may have “The X-Factor” after all. Entertainment Reporter Jill Wilderman talked about the alleged $15 million deal to bring the pop star aboard Simon Cowell’s show.

Wilderman also chatted about a recent singer that Elton John discovered while vacationing in Hawaii – and she’s only 12 years old!

Check out Jill’s blog here and follow her on Twitter here.

It was a surreal moment for Yonkers, NY-emcee Outasight when he heard, “Tonight is the Night” on a Pepsi commercial that featured some of music’s biggest stars, from Michael Jackson to Britney Spears.

“The first time I saw it, I definitely got the chills,” the artist, born Richard Andrew, told me via telephone on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” “Just to be a part of something so cool and so incredible… I just feel honored.”


The commercial airs during “The X-Factor,” Simon Cowell’s latest import from across the pond to FOX. Outasight is currently on the road and about to support Gym Class Heroes on tour. But, the emcee did catch the first couple of episodes on TV.

“It was really good,” he said of the reality show. “It seemed like there was some really good talent on the show so, we’ll see how it all turns out.”

Outasight is launching his career a little more traditionally, with his touring schedule combined with the Pepsi campaign and the release of free mixtapes via the Internet. The latter method is interesting given that a lot of artists stop giving away free music once they land on a major label. Not the case for Outasight, who is signed to Warner Brothers Records.

“(WB is) super cool,” the singer said of his record label allowing him to offer free downloads. “Yunno, today’s market, the way music is released, mixtapes are kind of like a really great medium for artists to get out there and get exposure, or thank fans, or reward fans and gain new fans.”

In Outasight’s case, he’s hoping to accomplish all of the above. So far, so good.

I stopped by WBRE’s “PA Live!” for my weekly segment, “The Ralphie Report.” This week, I chatted about the season premiere of “The X-Factor” and Demi Lovato’s new album, Unbroken.

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