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VIDEO: Ronan Farrow On Media Attention And New MSNBC Show

Ronan Farrow probably never had much of a chance of being “a typical twenty-something.” After all, Farrow graduated Bard College at age 15. While many at age 16 study for their learner’s permit, the New York City-born scholar was entering in to Yale Law School. Farrow was appointed in 2011 as a Special Adviser for Global Youth Issues by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. When he left in 2012, Farrow began a Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University.

That alone is enough to raise one’s eyebrows. Then you realize who his parents are… or allegedly are. Until this month, everyone believed that Ronan was the son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow. But then in an exclusive interview with Vanity Fair, the mother left open the possibility that his biological father may in fact be Frank Sinatra, whom Mia was first married to. While their divorce was finalized in 1968, the actress told Vanity Fair that she and the singer “never really split up.”

Naturally, there has been a lot more attention that normal around the 25 year-old Ronan this month.

“It’s distracting to have a lot of attention, but it’s a great luxury in a lot of ways,” Farrow told me at the unveiling of Madison Square Garden’s new renovations last week. “If it gets an extra set of people to watch then I’m all for it.”

He’s obviously no fool: Farrow hopes that the publicity will translate in to ratings when he debuts a new show this January on MSNBC.

“The new gig is incredibly exciting,” he said of the job. “You better watch! We’ve got some exciting new ideas about how you can get involved with news stories.”

Certainly this past month has opened Ronan’s eyes to ways that can happen he never thought imaginable.

LIFE AND STYLE WEEKLY: Blake And Miranda Might Add To Family, JLO’s Relationship, Kanye Causes A Scene

Life & Style Weekly reports that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert may be looking to settle down and start a family soon. Senior Reporter Andrew Nodell also talked about Jennifer Lopez’s relationship and Kanye West’s interesting night at the opera on “The Ralphie Show.”

Lorde Of The Charts: ‘Royals’ Tops Billboard Hot 100 Again

At this rate, perhaps they’ll be “Royals” after all.

Lorde, the 16 year-old singer from New Zealand that has stormed the alternative and pop charts with her super-smash hit single laid claim to the top stop on the Billboard Hot 100 for a third consecutive week last week.

“Royals” looks like it will be around for a while. The radio hit was also the biggest selling digital song of the week, moving just under 300,000 units.

“It’s nuts,” the singer, nee Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, told me earlier this month about simply appearing on the cover of “Billboard Magazine,” let alone topping it’s Hot 100 chart. At the time, she had yet to tweet anything about the cover. “Yeah, I dunno. I don’t want to clog people’s feeds too much.”

Not exactly what you would expect to hear from a 16 year-old with almost 400,000 followers, especially given her success and the times we live in. Lorde did take time to celebrate with fans on Twitter when the song first when number one on October 2.

We can only hope her humility, and desire to not over-share, are around as long as her music.

VIDEO: Celebs And Athletes Talk MSG Renovations

A slew of celebrities, athletes, and media members came to Madison Square Garden Thursday morning for the unveiling of the final phase in a three-part, $1 billion renovation of “The World’s Most Famous Arena.” With the venue’s reputation and location, many in attendance were already voicing positive reviews before stepping foot in to The Garden.

“I loved it 40 years ago, and I’m sure I’m going to love it now,” actor Chazz Palminteri told “The Ralphie Show” on the star-studded red carpet prior to the official press conference, which was hosted by MSG Network staple Al Trautwig and attended by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. “There’s new amenities but it’s New York. They always do it the right way.”

Perhaps the most talked about of the new features is the Chase Bridge – running parallel with the 31st and 33rd Street sides of the building. The two bridges are suspended 94 feet above the main floor, offering spectators a completely new perspective while also providing a number of dining options, including the MSG Signature Collection. The collection is available throughout the arena; a collaboration between The Garden and some of the area’s top chefs.

“I think so, yeah,” responded filmmaker Ed Burns when I asked if he could watch a game from the bridge. At the time, he had yet to take in the sight for himself. “I’d imagine it would be pretty cool to see it up there.”

Former Knicks forward Larry Johnson was a little less enthusiastic.

“I can’t because my eyes (are) bad,” LJ said. “But, they have a big screen right in front of you, so it’s awesome.”

It seemed for most of the bold-print names in attendance, few knew what to ultimately expect when they would be given a tour of the arena.

“Well, I got to look around and see exactly what they did to my house, because this is my house,” said rapper 50 Cent, before dropping the oh-so-famous line, “I run New York” and flashing a big smile. Now that the artist, born Curtis Jackson, is a boxing promoter as well, we might see a fight card of his before a live performance.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how they could spend $1 billion,” admitted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Julie Henderson, who also noted she usually prefers to sit so close that “the sweat comes on to you.”

But regardless of the new look, new seats, or even new store, perhaps it was Walt Frazier who best summed up what fans are looking forward to with the re-opening of the venue.

“Winning,” Clyde said. “Winning and grinning.”


In this week’s edition of “Trend Hungry Tuesday” – Resident Fashionista Jessie Holeva talks about a Disney-inspired trend, Bambi prints.

Visit Trend Hungry to find the latest fashion 411 on a skinny budget, and catch Jessie every Tuesday evening on “The Ralphie Show.”

INTERVIEW: Selena Gomez Hits The Slot Machines At Tour Stop

Selena Gomez brought her “Stars Dance Tour” to Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn. on Saturday. The former Disney star had not performed at the casino and resort since turning 21, so she took the party post-show to the slot machines and an upscale lounge.

“I attempted to do the slot things,” Gomez attempted to explain in an interview that aired on “The Ralphie Show” Monday night. “I don’t know anything about it. I just put something in and pressed buttons and it just… I couldn’t do it.”

In Gomez’s defense, some of the newer slot machines can be a little confusing, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

“I think I should actually spend time to learn but I just got excited and we ended up just being in a lounge dancing to like Destiny’s Child, so we were fine,” Gomez said of the rest of her evening. A number of dancers and tour members joined the starlet at Mohegan Sun’s Vista Lounge at Wombi Rock – a venue she called “beautiful” earlier in the interview.

On stage, there were no mishaps for Gomez, who is in the midst of a trek that last seemingly through the year’s end when holiday radio shows are added in. Last week, the artist found herself on TMZ for reasons that did not involve her personal life; rather a small misstep in which she slipped and fell off stage. No pun intended, Gomez seems to be taking it all in stride.

“I was actually really happy, because honestly, four years of performing and that was the first time ever (that it happened),” Gomez revealed. “It’s probably going to happen again anyways but, it was funny because I got off going, ‘Well, four years and I did it.’”

The blooper may serve the purpose of showing her fans that she’s just like them. Gomez already plays this role well – whether it is during a mid-show confessional to thousands of screaming teens or playfully posing for a selfie with a girl backstage in a meet-and-greet. The singer also noted that she shops in the same places that the girls buying her album probably frequent.

“I just go shopping and if I see cute tops… I don’t know. Plus, every girl goes to Forever 21 or like Urban Outfitters,” Gomez said. Obviously with her celebrity status, Gomez doesn’t exactly qualify as “every girl,” but she scoffed at the notion that she isn’t shopping for her own clothes.

“What do you think I do?” she asked. I responded that perhaps someone does her shopping or the stores send clothes to her. “I mean I do get really awesome gifts every now and then but I like to shop.”

Amidst all of this singing, dancing, and shopping – Gomez also finds time to act in movies. She has two films set to be released in 2014, and will be involved in the anticipated adaption of “Thirteen Reasons Why” novel.

“A lot of my fans have been wanting to know because I’ve had that book for a while,” she said. “It’s just that books are so hard to translate in to something that will do the book justice. It’s always the, ‘Oh OK, this is not as good as the book.’ So, we want to do it justice; for the author, for these kids because it’s such a powerful message. It is still happening. We’d just rather it be great than rush it.”

LIFE AND STYLE WEEKLY: Taylor’s Other 1D Crush, JoBros Drama, Kim’s Post-Baby Body

Life & Style Weekly reports that Taylor Swift actually first crushed on One Direction’s Zayn Malik before Harry Styles. Senior Reporter Andrew Nodell also talked about the Jonas Brothers and Kim Kardashian’s post-baby slim down on “The Ralphie Show.”

INTERVIEW: Gavin DeGraw ‘Makes A Move’ Towards New Sound

Gavin DeGraw does not take the job of naming his albums lightly.

“It’s funny because when you go through and you try to figure out what to name an album… I was going through going ‘Maybe I’ll go through and I’ll pick a song title to name the album after yunno?’” said DeGraw of the initial thought process behind Make A Move. “You start seeing how one song title might be misinterpreted as an album title; how it could go all wrong.”

The “Chariot” singer mentioned the song “Leading Man,” and how he felt it was a cool song title but would’ve sounded “totally douche-y” as the name of the LP.

“I thought Make A Move was a good choice,” DeGraw said of his eventual selection. “It was the type of thing that couldn’t necessarily be misinterpreted too poorly.”

The release marks the artist’s fifth studio album and first since 2011’s Sweeter, which spawned the hit “Not Over You.” The lead single “Best I Ever Had” certainly sets the tone for a different sound of DeGraw’s.

“This is definitely a step towards another direction,” DeGraw admitted. “There are songs on this album that I think are reflective of Chariot, but at the same time there are other songs on this album that really do feel almost as if it’s a completely different artist, which is something I’m really proud of.”

But outside of the studio, the singer is still pretty easy-going and down for a good laugh. He revealed that Michael Franti was joking about his “soccer skills” on “The Ralphie Show” because DeGraw is the type of guy “who kind of likes to walk in to the group when people are kicking a ball around and grab it and just punt it as far as I can.”

The move itself could have been left open to misinterpretation but both DeGraw and Franti seemed to enjoy chatting about it, and meeting each other for the first time while supporting Train on the road.

INTERVIEW: Panic! At The Charts: Band Returns With #2 LP In The Country

Anytime Panic! At The Disco releases new music, it is almost always judged against the band’s 2005 debut A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. Lead singer Brendon Urie has heard this a million times over, and regardless of what people think he seems happy that an audience has an opinion period.

“Either love it or hate it; but I hate the middle ground,” Urie told “The Ralphie Show” about the seemingly polarizing affect PATD’s music has since they were introduced with the super-hit “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies.” “That’s always going to be said; ‘We want the old stuff, we want the old sound.’”

That stated, it seems the new stuff is more on the loved than loathed side of the band’s fan base. Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die debuted at number two this week on the Billboard chart, selling 84,000 copies. It certainly is a nice ode not just to Panic’s evolving sound, but also the personal stories that Urie shared throughout the album.

“A lot of times in the past, we’d make up stories,” Urie shared about previous songwriting material. “It could have been based on something personal, but it became this exacerbated thing and just exaggerated stories and lies. That’s always fun to do, but yeah this time around I kind of had the more hip-hop thing where like it’s just more confessional.”

Urie cites Drake and Kendrick Lamar as influences, but charts his love for the genre back decades.

“I was always in to A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul and a bunch of different sounds,” Urie revealed. “It was already so eclectic in its own genre, but called the same thing.”

In addition to the storytelling, the lead singer channeled the hip-hop’s sonic diversity on PATD’s fourth album.

“This record for us is the most eclectic we’ve had so far,” Urie noted. “It’s like 80’s synth-pop and like, hip-hop influence, and some like, 80’s anthem-rock influence.”

The inspiration to continuously change was also behind the choice of “Miss Jackson” as the first radio single from the LP.

“’Miss Jackson,’ for me, sounded like nothing we’ve ever done before,” he explained. “I felt like it was the best introduction to this album.”

So while Urie conceded that there will always be hints of that rookie effort in Panic’s music (he mentioned the piano in “Casual Affair” as a specific example), don’t expect anything of the band’s to sound like A Fever again; especially with the immediate success of the recent release.

BONUS CONTENT: Panic! At The Disco performs “This Is Gospel” and “Miss Jackson” acoustically for “The Ralphie Show.”

INTERVIEW: Sara Bareilles Pranks OneRepublic, Still Gets Lost In New York

Sara Bareilles chatted with “The Ralphie Show” before her headlining, sold-out gig at Radio City Music Hall about navigating through Manhattan and pranking OneRepublic on the road.

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